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Paris protests writ large


Greenpeace activists yesterday scaled the Arc de Triomphe to hold banners reading: “Mr Hollande, renew energy”. Other campaigner­s painted the streets yellow around the monument, creating the image of a sun. The Paris summit was unusual for the absence of large-scale demonstrat­ions but that promises to change today with a major public rally planned at the arch. How the French police will respond remains to be seen. Under the state of emergency law introduced following last month’s terror attacks, if more than two people gather on a street in Paris, it constitute­s an illegal gathering.

‘‘ That is crazy analysis and does not add up to scrutiny . . . The idea that Ireland is going to change its agricultur­e policy is frankly not sane really Minister for the Environmen­t Alan Kelly ‘‘ With each new draft of the climate agreement, the yawning gap between the ambition and real action is widening Dr Cara Augustenbo­rg, chairwoman of Friends of the Earth Ireland

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