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Police to question Lula in bribery case involving son


Former president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva has been called in for questionin­g next week by Brazil’s federal police in a bribery investigat­ion involving his son Luis Claudio, according to a summons document.

Mr Lula is not under investigat­ion but will be questioned about the case in which police suspect a 2.5 million-real (¤589,000) payment to one of his son’s firms could have been a bribe to influence passage of legislatio­n favouring car industry companies.

The summons dated December 1st instructs Mr Lula to appear at police headquarte­rs on Thursday to “provide clarificat­ions.”

Police raided the offices of a company owned by his son on October 26th as part of the bribery investigat­ion that threatens to drag his family into yet another scandal.

Police said that evidence of bribery, extortion and influence traffickin­g prompted the raid.

Mr Lula is himself under investigat­ion for influence-traffickin­g after he left office in 2010 as Brazil’s most popular president.

His reputation has been tarnished by a kickback scandal at state-run oil company Petrobras that has landed the treasurer of his Workers’ Party in jail and led to the investigat­ion of dozens of his political allies.

On Wednesday, a judge authorised a police request to break bank and tax secrecy for Luis Claudio’s company LFT Marketing Esportivo, and a former Lula cabinet minister, Gilberto Carvalho.

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