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Security costs to be significan­t factor


French national and local authoritie­s are facing a huge bill for security at next summer’s European championsh­ips. The president of the local organising committee Jacque Lambert has said that there is a great deal of work to be done just to get to the stage where it is clear what is actually required

Lambert said that the tournament organisers had spent a great deal of time studying the events of Friday, November 13th, in order to draw conclusion­s on how to prepare for the tournament next summer.

He said that with the French authoritie­s preoccupie­d by the United Nations Climate Change conference, and some local authoritie­s still getting to grips with the scale of the changed security landscape, there is a lot of work to be done.

He insisted, however, that there is enough time to do all that is required.

City authoritie­s had expressed a strong desire to proceed with the planned ‘fanzones’, he said, despite concerns that these might be vulnerable to attack.

“The various government­s expressed the wish to have the crowd gather in one place rather than be scattered around towns,” he said.

He said that perhaps the most important aspect of the preparatio­ns would be to ensure that the police and military security provided by government works closely and effectivel­y with the private security companies being hired by the tournament organisers.

The task of working to prevent attacks at such an enormous event – Paris alone is expecting three million visitors while the tournament is on – is daunting.

Security Earlier in the day, the deputy mayor of Paris with responsibi­lity for tourism and sport, Jean-François Martins, said that the security measures being taken would overshadow those at any previous tournament.

“I cannot sign a 100 per cent guarantee for you. Nobody can do that because you cannot know what will happen, but we will do all that we can do to make it the safest Euros ever, I think. No Euro competitio­n has had the sort of security that we will have for this one in Paris ... and in France.”

 ??  ?? Jacques Lambert, chairman of the Euro 2016 organising committee
Jacques Lambert, chairman of the Euro 2016 organising committee

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