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Chivas’s shopping spree


They haven’t been without some success on the field this year, winning the Concacaf Champions League back in April, but off the field Mexican club Chivas have been having some serious financial bother, unable at one point to pay player bonuses which resulted in a transfer ban.

How sympatheti­c have supporters of their rivals been? Not very.

So when Chivas’s current gaffer Jose Cardozo turned up for a press conference following yet another league defeat this season, there was intense giggling at the rather over-exuberant product placement in front of him, as snapped by ESPN’s Tom Marshall.

There was a bag of cereal, a bag of organic cereal, two Coca Cola cans, a bottle of chocolate milk, while his microphone was sponsored by a beer company.

According to the Observer, Chivas vice-president Amaury Vergara conceded that “our marketing team called it wrong – we must be aesthetica­lly cleaner.”

Which presumably means they will try not to have Cardozo looking like he’s sitting at a supermarke­t check-out from here on in.

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