Catholic teach­ing al­lows us ap­ply con­science to de­ci­sions on abor­tion

The Kerryman (North Kerry) - - OPIN­ION -

A Chara, The Catholic Church of­fi­cially teaches that the con­science of the in­di­vid­ual is supreme. This means that, fol­low­ing care­ful re­flec­tion, if a Catholic is con­flicted be­tween their own moral con­science and the teach­ings of the Catholic hi­er­ar­chy, the right thing to do is to fol­low your con­science.

So, if a woman be­lieves, upon deep re­flec­tion, that it would be morally wrong to bring a baby into poverty, or an abu­sive house­hold, or to live a very short life in pain or for some other rea­son, then fol­low­ing her con­science is the right thing to do.

Sim­i­larly, if I be­lieve it’s morally wrong to force a woman to con­tinue a preg­nancy against her will be­cause of my be­liefs that the Catholic hi­er­ar­chi­cal teach­ings have no place in women’s re­pro­duc­tive health­care, then I must fol­low my con­science and vote yes for re­peal of the Eighth Amendment.

So, to all Catholics out there that may be con­flicted be­tween their faith and their con­science, please al­low your­self to truly re­flect on this is­sue. Get in­formed, hear the facts, not the scare­mon­ger­ing. Read some real sto­ries of how the Eighth has af­fected women. Talk to the women you know and love that are of re­pro­duc­tive age. Think of the women of the fu­ture. And then fol­low your con­science.

Le meas,

Cáit Ní Charthaigh, Car­rig Uí Leighin, Co. Cor­caigh.

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