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A col­li­sion between two cars trav­el­ling in the same di­rec­tion on the way out of Grange to­wards Sligo was re­called at Sligo District Court where one of the driv­ers was sum­moned for dan­ger­ous driv­ing. David Lynch, 39 Tem­ple Street was sum­moned for dan­ger­ous driv­ing at Agha­gad, Grange on Jan­uary 28th 2017. He was rep­re­sented by Mr Mark Mul­laney, so­lic­i­tor.

Les­ley Cham­bers told the court he was driv­ing to­wards Sligo at 1.20pm in his Honda CRV with his wife and was in the over­tak­ing lane when a VW Pas­sat which had been in the left lane sud­denly cut across in front of him caus­ing a col­li­sion. The wit­ness said he had been trav­el­ling at between 35 to 45kph at the time. Mrs Cham­bers told the court that the Pas­sat crossed over with­out any in­di­ca­tion.

Joseph Feeney told the court he was trav­el­ling about 50 to 80 me­tres be­hind the Cham­bers’ car in the left lane. The CRV over­took a Pas­sat which then crossed over into the right lane as though it was turn­ing right or do­ing a u-turn.

David Lynch said he was ren­o­vat­ing a house and had gone with his wife, Ni­amh that day to Done­gal to Cher­ry­more and was pass­ing through Grange on the way back when they de­cided to look at tiles at Gil­roy’s but had passed the premises by and they de­cided to go back. He was in the right lane and put on his right in­di­ca­tor. He came to a stop for five to six sec­onds to let on­com­ing traf­fic pass be­fore do­ing his right hand turn.

Mrs Lynch said they had come to a stop in the right hand lane and be­gan turn­ing then the car be­hind them hit them on the right.

Judge Kevin Kil­rane said he was de­cid­ing as fact the de­fen­dant was in the left lane. He had put on his in­di­ca­tor at the last minute and was prob­a­bly par­al­lel with the other car. It was a sud­den move­ment across the road­way and he can­not change lanes like that. It was an un­wise move go­ing up­hill on a bend gov­erned by a con­tin­u­ous white line. He should have con­tin­ued up the road be­fore turn­ing. “He couldn’t have cho­sen a worse spot. It was an im­pul­sive move,” he said re­duc­ing the charge to care­less driv­ing and im­pos­ing a fine of €200.

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