215 bikes stolen in county in the space of 30 months

Wicklow People (Arklow) - - NEWS - By ES­THER HAYDEN

A TO­TAL of 215 bikes were stolen in Wick­low over a two and a half year pe­riod.

The fig­ures which were re­leased by An Garda Siochana last Thurs­day show that Wick­low is one of the ten worst coun­ties when it comes to bi­cy­cle thefts.

Launch­ing their ‘Lock it or Lose it’ cam­paign last week gardai ap­pealed to cy­clists to take ex­tra pre­cau­tions in keep­ing their bi­cy­cles safe by lock­ing them in the most se­cure way pos­si­ble.

The new fig­ures show that na­tion­ally over 14,000 bikes have been stolen since 2016.

Fig­ures be­tween Jan­uary 1, 2016 and June 30, 2018 show that Dublin is the worst hit when it comes to bi­cy­cle thefts with a to­tal of 9,918.

This is fol­lowed by Cork (683); Lim­er­ick (646); Gal­way (506); Kil­dare (368); Louth (280); Water­ford (255); Wick­low (215); Car­low/ Kilkenny (197) and Meath (174).

Fig­ures from the Garda Anal­y­sis Ser­vices show that bi­cy­cle theft was up 7.5 per cent in 2017 and is on course to in­crease again in 2018.

The av­er­age cost of a bike stolen is around €510. The most com­mon time for a bike to be stolen is dur­ing the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., with Fri­day be­ing sta­tis­ti­cally the most com­mon day for bikes to be stolen.

The anal­y­sis also shows that Dublin, Cork, Lim­er­ick and Gal­way make up 83 per cent of the theft of bikes. 52 per cent of bikes are stolen on pub­lic streets. 32 per cent are stolen from homes.

Speak­ing at An­gle­sea Street Garda Sta­tion in Dublin, Crime Preven­tion Of­fi­cer Sgt Tony Davis said: ‘We are ap­peal­ing to ev­ery­one from the pros to the Sun­day cy­clist to lock their bikes as se­curely as pos­si­ble. There has been an in­crease in the num­ber of people cy­cling over re­cent years but un­for­tu­nately there is poor aware­ness of bike se­cu­rity.

‘Nowa­days with cy­cle the to work schemes, people are in­vest­ing in more ex­pen­sive bikes so it makes sense to in­vest in qual­ity locks to pre­vent bike theft.

‘A few sim­ple tips such as; spend­ing 10 per cent to 20 per cent of the value of the bike on two locks, lock­ing your bike tightly to an im­mov­able ob­ject and keep the lock off the ground, will make life dif­fi­cult for the thief.

‘Take a photo of your bike, note the serial num­ber and email it back to your­self so you have a record of it. Of the 14,000 or so bikes stolen since 2016, we have only ap­prox­i­mately 16 per cent of the bi­cy­cle frame num­bers recorded’.

Sgt Davis said: ‘There is a trend of not re­port­ing theft of bikes to Gar­daí which makes it dif­fi­cult for us to re­unite any re­cov­ered bikes with their own­ers.

‘If your bike is stolen, re­port the theft to Gar­daí as soon as you can. If you are buy­ing a sec­ond hand bike, look for proof of own­er­ship be­fore pur­chas­ing. If you have had your bi­cy­cle stolen, you can go onto the Garda web­site to view bi­cy­cles and all other prop­erty that is cur­rently in our prop­erty stores.

‘Fi­nally, I would ask all bi­cy­cle sup­pli­ers to high­light the ‘Lock it or Lose it’ cam­paign when some­one is pur­chas­ing a bike.’

County Wick­low is in the top 10 when it comes to bi­cy­cle thefts.

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