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1. Dur­ing which Crimean War Bat­tle did the Charge of the Light Brigade take place? A. Sev­astopol, B. Bal­a­clava, C. Inker­man, D. Alma. 2. In which field of study was Jeremy Ben­tham trained? A. Law, B. Lit­er­a­ture, C. Math­e­mat­ics, D. Chem­istry. 3. What is the best sell­ing sin­gle of all time? A. Bing Crosby’s I’m Dream­ing of a White Christ­mas, B. Meat Loaf- Bat out of Hell, C. Queen’s Bo­hemian Rhap­sody, D. El­ton John’s Can­dle in the Wind ‘97. 4. What is the name of the gi­ant Amer­i­can ac­tor who played ‘Jaws’ in two Bond movies? A. Richard Prior, B. Richard Burton, C. Richard Kiel, D. Richard Wal­lace. 5. What was the name of Les­lie Neil­son’s clumsy cop char­cater in the Naked Gun films? A. Frank Dre­bin, B. Ed Hocken, C. John McClane, D. Axel Fo­ley. 6. Which English Restora­tion drama­tist wrote The Man of Mode? A. Sir James Ether, B. Sir Ran­dall Mode, C. Sir Wil­liam Ether, D. Sir Ge­orge Etherege. 7. Which poet is buried in a coun­try church­yard in Stoke Po­ges? A. Thomas Gray, B. Sir John Bet­je­men, C. Sylvia Plath, D. Lord Ten­nyson. 8. Who wrote the novel Fair Stood the Wind for France? A. HE Bates, B. Jane Austen, C. Wil­liam Thack­eray, D. WH Au­den. SO­LU­TIONS TO LAST WEEK’S PUB QUIZ: 1. B; 2. B; 3. D; 4. A; 5. D; 6. B; 7. B; 8. A.

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