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Wick­low League re­sults

Wick­low Cup fi­nal: Glen­cor­mac United 4, Rath­new AFC 2 (AET).

Youth Cup fi­nal: Wick­low Town 2, Avon­more FC 0.

Andy McEvoy Premier Divi­sion: New­town United 3, St Peter’s FC 1.

Pat O’Toole Divi­sion 1: Wick­low Rovers w/o, Rath­new AFC scr.

Wick­low League fix­tures Sun­day, June 9

Andy McEvoy Premier: Carnew v New­town United, Back Al­ley, 11.30 a.m. Divi­sion 3: Conary United v Dearg Celtic, Rooster Park, 11.30 a.m.; Dar­gle Rovers v Ash­ford Rovers, Peo­ples Park, 11.30 a.m.

WDSL fix­tures Satur­day, June 8

U-13 Jako Cup quar­ter-fi­nal first leg: New­town v Carnew.

U-11 Group 1: Glen­cor­mac United v St Pa­trick’s, Ry­der’s Field, 12:00

U-11 Group 2: Ark­low Town v Grey­stones United Red, Bridge­wa­ter Cen­tre Park, 12:30.

U-11 Group 3: Carnew v Ash­ford Rovers, Back Al­ley, 11:30.

U-12 WDSL Divi­sion 2: Ash­ford Rovers B v Ark­low United B, Bal­li­nalea Park, 10:00; Ark­low Town B v Wick­low Rovers B, Bridge­wa­ter Cen­tre Park, 11:30.

U-10 Sec­tion 4: Carnew v Avon­more Yel­low, Back Al­ley, 10:30.

U-9 Group 1: Glen­cor­mac United v Cool­boy Rangers, Ry­der’s Field, 10:00; St An­thony’s Green v New­town Ju­niors, Finn Park, 10:00.

U-9 Group 2: Grey­stones United Or­ange v Ash­ford Rovers, Wood­lands, 10:30.

U-9 Group 4: St An­thony’s Yel­low v Ark­low United Stripes, Finn Park, 11:00.

Sun­day, June 9

U-16 Co­ral Leisure Ark­low Plate fi­nal: Ark­low Celtic v Round­wood at Bridge­wa­ter Cen­tre Park.

U-11 Group 2: Aughrim Rangers v Grey­stones United Yel­low, Allen Park, 11:00; Ark­low United Stripes v Round­wood, Fern­dale Park, 11:15.

U-11 Group 3: New­town Ju­niors v Grey­stones United Green, Com­mu­nity Grounds; Shil­le­lagh Navy v Wick­low Rovers Green, Bal­lard Park, 11:00. U-12 WDSL Divi­sion 1: St An­thony’s v Grey­stones United B, Finn Park, 11:00. U-12 WDSL Divi­sion 2: Avon­more v St An­thony’s B, Tul­ly­lusk; En­niskerry B v Grey­stones United C, Bog Meadow; Wick­low Town v New­town, Fin­lay Park, 11:00. U-10 Sec­tion 1: St An­thony’s Green v Ash­ford Rovers, Finn Park, 11:15; St Pa­trick’s v Wick­low Rovers White, Kil­cashel, 11:30. U-10 Sec­tion 2: Grey­stones United Yel­low v Wick­low Rovers Green, Wood­lands, 10:00; Round­wood v Glen­cor­mac United, Vartry Grounds, 11:00.

U-10 Sec­tion 3: Ark­low United Stripes v Grey­stones United Blue, Fern­dale Park, 10:00; St An­thony’s Yel­low v New­town Ju­niors, Finn Park, 10:00.

U-10 Sec­tion 4: Aughrim Rangers v Ark­low United Green, Allen Park, 10:00; Grey­stones United Or­ange v Cool­boy Rangers, Wood­lands, 11:00.

U-9 Group 3: Avon­more Yel­low v Grey­stones United Red, Tul­ly­lusk.

U-9 Group 4: Grey­stones United Pur­ple v Grey­stones United Yel­low, Wood­lands, 11:30.

U-8 A1: New­town Ju­niors v St An­tho­nys Yel­low, Com­mu­nity Grounds.

U-8 A3: St Pa­trick’s v Wick­low Rovers White, Kil­cashel, 10:00.

WDSL re­sults

U-16 Co­ral Leisure Ark­low Shield fi­nal: Dublin Oak 4, Ark­low United 3.

U-16 Jako Cup semi-fi­nals: Cool­boy 7, Wick­low Rovers 0; Round­wood 7, Ark­low Celtic 2.

U-14 Wick­low Of­fice Sup­plies Premier: Glen­cor­mac United 5, Ark­low Town A 0. U-14 Wick­low Of­fice Sup­plies Premier: Carnew 5, Ark­low United 0.

U-13 A1 Plate: Avon­more A 1, Wick­low Rovers A 1.

U-12 Donal O’Leary Premier: Wick­low Rovers A 5, Grey­stones United A 0; Ark­low Town A 4, Ark­low United A 1; Ash­ford Rovers A 2, En­niskerry A 4.

U-12 WDSL Divi­sion 1: Grey­stones United B 0, Spor ting Grey­stones FC 4.

U-12 WDSL Divi­sion 2: Avon­more 4, En­niskerry B 1.

U-12 C Plate: Grey­stones United C 2, Ark­low Town B 3; Ark­low Town B 2, Wick­low Town 4.

Craig An­der­son cel­e­brates Wick­low Town’s win in the Youth Cup fi­nal.

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