Here’s a big shout out to all the men in my life, how­ever be­lated

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I feel it is nec­es­sary to give a big shout out to all the men in my life this week.

That makes me sound like a right old trol­lop, but I’m ba­si­cally re­fer­ring to my hus­band and my dad who, in a rare mo­ment of to­tal hon­esty, I must ad­mit, don’t get the credit they are due.

In case you have been liv­ing un­der a rock. It was Fa­ther’s Day on Sun­day, the day you’re sup­posed to make a fuss of the Dad­dies in your life.

In­stead I fecked off to a Bon Jovi con­cert with the sis­ter in law and niece leav­ing Him­self with two stroppy teenagers and a bas­ket of iron­ing, should he get bored at any stage.

To be fair, the presents and cards had been pur­chased but I for­got to post my dad’s and to wrap Him­self’s.

He sub­se­quently ended up with presents in a bag with a gift card say­ing, ‘Happy Birth­day Danny,


love Ni­amh!’ left over from The El­dest’s re­cent birth­day.

Now we all know that women like be­ing made a fuss of. God help me if I’d ever for­got­ten Mother’s Day for my own poor mother or Mother in Law. There’d have been all pic­ture and no sound for weeks af­ter!

And you can be bloody sure I’d have thrown an un­mer­ci­ful hissy fit had Him­self fecked off to a Bon Jovi con­cert (highly un­likely mind you – he’s more a Du­ran Du­ran fan!) on Mother’s Day and left me to man the fort.

But no, he took it on the chin. Even when the chil­dren failed to make break­fast or even a cup of tea for him, he sucked it up and car­ried on.

Ad­mit­tedly he was close to break­ing point when I ar­rived home with such a bad hang­over I had to take to the bed and he had to make his own din­ner, but he’s noth­ing if not stoic.

As for my dad. When I rang him to wish him a happy Fa­ther’s Day and in­form him I for­got to post his card and pressie, he laughed.

When my brother who is fa­mous for his **** stir­ring skills pointed out that I was the only one of his chil­dren who hadn’t sent him a card, he still laughed.

The point I’m try­ing to make is aren’t men their own way?

I mean ok they are never go­ing to re­ally lis­ten to any­thing im­por­tant we have to say, or no­tice when we get our hair done or tell us re­peat­edly how much they love us, but they’re al­ways there in the back­ground, strong and steady, ready to catch us when we fall.

Never ex­pect­ing much, ex­cept maybe the odd din­ner, a few pints and cus­tody of the re­mote con­trol.

So be­lated Happy Fa­ther’s Day Dad and Him­self! I’ll make it up to ye but can we wait for this hang­over to shift first?!

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