Har­bour guard needed af­ter van­dals strike?

Wicklow People (West Edition) - - NEWS -

June 1984

Van­dal­ism and rob­beries have reached such an alarm­ing peak in the har­bour area that Wick­low Har­bour com­mis­sion­ers have been forced to con­sider em­ploy­ing se­cu­rity per­son­nel to carry out nightly pa­trols.

The lat­est acts in a wave of van­dal­ism have re­sulte in over €1,000 worth of dam­age be­ing caused to the lighthouse at the east pier.

Har­bour mas­ter, Cap­tain RF Flood, re­ported ot the com­mis­sion­ers on Tues­day night that six panes of glass had been bro­ken in the lighthouse and four panes van­dalised.

The dam­age was caused by some­body us­ing an air­gun or ri­fle.

Thirty-two holes were found in the glass area of the lighthouse and they were most likely cause by a .22 ri­fle.

As a re­sult of the dam­age, the com­mis­sion­ers have in­structed their law agent to lodge a ma­li­cious in­jury claim with Wick­low County Coun­cil in the sum of €2,000.

The har­bour mas­ter re­ported that he counted 23 holes in the glass on the sea­ward side of the lighthouse.

Chair­man Paddy Smith said the van­dals were us­ing ball-bear­ings and slings as well.

The har­bour mas­ter also re­ported that win­dows in the har­bour can­teen were also van­dalised, and win­dows in the Goode Con­crete premises were also bro­ken.

Com­mis­sioner Frank Con­way re­ported that one ship had been bur­gled twice and yachts had also been bro­ken into. He added: ‘A lot of prop­erty has been stolen and I think we should write and ask the garda su­per­in­ten­dent what is be­ing done about it.’

Mr Smith urged peo­ple to re­port van­dal­ism to the gar­dai.

Mr Con­way: ‘It is only com­mon sense that peo­ple who see van­dal­ism tak­ing place should re­port it.’

Com­mis­sioner De­nis Tee­van said that they would have to start look­ing at the se­cu­rity as­pect of the har­bour and, pos­si­bly, to hire se­cu­rity - it had come to that stage.

Com­mis­sioner Pat Clarke said it would cost €50 per week to have the har­bour area pa­trolled eight or ten times each night.

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