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Wicklow People (West Edition) - - MIND GAMES -

1. Which in­fec­tious dis­ease of rab­bits and hares was in­tro­duced to Aus­tralia dur­ing the 1950s as a pest-con­trol mea­sure?

A. Hep­ati­tis,

B. Myx­o­mato­sis,

C. Bubonic Plague,

D. Malaria.

2. What are the only sur­vivors of the an­cient Seven Won­ders of the World?

A. The Lighthouse at Alexan­dria,

B. The Colos­sus of Rhodes,

C. The Pyra­mids at Giza,

D. The Gar­dens of Baby­lon.

3. Who wrote The Soft Ma­chine?

A. Jonathan Bur­rows,

B. Wil­liam Bur­roughs,

C. Richard Bur­rel,

D. Thomas Brown.

4. Which an­i­mal rep­re­sents the con­stel­la­tion Capri­cor­nus?

A. The bear,

B. The lion,

C. The goat,

D. The ram.

5. What is a How­gate Won­der?

A. A but­ter­fly,

B. An ap­ple,

C. A bird,

D. A frog.

6. Stephen King’s de­but novel Carrie was made into a hor­ror film by which di­rec­tor?

A. Brian De Palma ,

B. Martin Scors­ese,

C. Fran­cis Ford Cop­pola,

D. Ge­orge Lu­cas.

7. In which book by Dick­ens does Nathaniel Win­kle ap­pear?

A. Bleak House,

B. Great Ex­pec­ta­tions,

C. A Tale of Two Cities,

D. Pick­wick Pa­pers.

8. Who wrote the play A Doll’s House in 1879?

A. Thomas Hardy,

B. Ge­orge Bernard Shaw,

C. Hen­rik Ib­sen,

D. Ge­orge Mered­ith.

SO­LU­TIONS TO LAST WEEK’S PUB QUIZ: 1. C; 2. D; 3. B; 4. C; 5. D; 6. C; 7. B; 8. B.

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