Many women take sage for night flushes

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I re­cently did some train­ing in Switzer­land on A.Vogel reme­dies. The train­ing was on Menosan, a sup­ple­ment that con­tains sage, many of you will be fa­mil­iar with it. This rem­edy is used for hot flushes and night sweats, the most com­mon symp­toms of the menopause. Lots of women get relief from this rem­edy.

The main em­pha­sis of the train­ing was the need to re­duce stress. We all know that we need to do this but that’s eas­ier said than done. But if we don’t, it seems that we are in for a length­ier and more dif­fi­cult menopause. This is be­cause de­creas­ing levels of oe­stro­gen have a neg­a­tive ef­fect on the cen­tral ner­vous sys­tem. This af­fects our abil­ity to cope with the symp­toms of the menopause.

Sleep is one of the most im­por­tant things that can help us cope with stress. If night sweats or hot flushes are keep­ing you awake then it’s crucial to get them un­der con­trol so that you can get to sleep.

It can be­come a vi­cious cycle, lack of sleep in­creases stress, in­creased stress can mean more hot flushes.

An in­ter­est­ing point they made was that we need en­ergy to go through the change, ob­vi­ous, I know, but how many of us have an abun­dance of en­ergy? Good nu­tri­tion, in­clud­ing ad­e­quate omega oils, hy­dra­tion, sleep, time for self, and re­lax­ation are es­sen­tial they said.

Menosan comes in tinc­ture or a one a day tablet which is more ef­fec­tive. For hot flushes take it dur­ing the day, and take be­fore bed for night sweats. While it may not al­ways stop the flushes the fre­quency can be dras­ti­cally re­duced. If you still can’t get to sleep try A.Vogel Dormeasan, this works well for me.

Con­sider tak­ing a fe­male mul­ti­vi­ta­min along­side Menosan so that you have the cor­rect nu­tri­ents to sup­port hor­mone pro­duc­tion and to sup­port the ner­vous sys­tem.

Al­fred Vogel is the author of The Na­ture Doc­tor, one of my favourite books on nat­u­ral health. He was born in 1902 and es­tab­lished the A.Vogel brand in 1963. Menosan is one of their top sell­ing sup­ple­ments help­ing women in over 20 coun­tries deal with the menopause.

I met Eileen Dur­ward in Switzer­land, she is author of The Menopause, an in­ter­est­ing book, and we have some free copies at the shop if you’d like one.

Clair Whitty is a Bach Flower Prac­ti­tioner, a Nu­tri­tional Health Coach ac­cred­ited with Thought Leader Nat­u­ral Health 2018 and a Vega Food In­tol­er­ance Tester at The Nat­u­ral Health Store, 24 North Main Street, Wex­ford 053 9121613 | [email protected]­ | www.nat­u­ral­health­

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