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Wicklow People (West Edition) - - MIND GAMES -

1. In the bay of which city is the prison Robben Is­land?

A. New York, B. Cape Town, C. Syd­ney, D. Bris­tol.

2. What is the fi­nal event in the de­cathlon?

A. 110m hur­dles, B. 1,500m, C. 800m, D. Pole Vault.

3. Which sit­com ac­tress was ap­pointed to the Hu­man Fer­til­i­sa­tion and Em­bry­ol­ogy Author­ity?

A. June Whit­field, B. Jen­nifer Saun­ders, C. Pene­lope Keith, D. Vic­to­ria Wood.

4. What sort of crea­ture is a sidewinder? A. A poi­sonous lizard, B. A sub-Sa­ha­ran wolf, C. A snake, D. An eel.

5. To what is hay fever an al­ler­gic re­ac­tion?

A. Dust mites, B. An­i­mal hair, C. Horses, D. Pollen.

6. What was the first name of Amer­i­can jazz com­poser and mu­si­cian Duke Elling­ton?

A. Ed­ward, B. Howard, C. Thomas, D. Michael.

7. In which Amer­i­can city is the Smithsonia­n In­sti­tu­tion?

A. New York, B. Wash­ing­ton DC, C. Detroit, D. Los An­ge­les.

8. In what year was Re­turn to Oz the se­quel to The Wiz­ard of Oz re­leased? A. 1975, B. 1991, C. 1982, D. 1985.

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