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Tues­day, July 16: With over 2,500 sheep on of­fer, the trade re­mained steady and strong for the stores with the fats eas­ier by maybe €1 to €2 in some cases but over­all the trade hold­ing up strong to­wards the num­bers of­fered.

Lambs over 48kg sold from €99 up to €108 with the ma­jor­ity be­tween €102 and €105. Some well fleshed lambs over 44kg sold from €98 up to €104 with the ma­jor­ity be­tween €100 and €101. For­ward stores 37kg pluses sold from €80 up to a tops of €90 but bear­ing in mind the ram lamb types strug­gling to pass the €2 per kg.

Lighter store lambs plenty of farmer cus­tom around the ring. Lambs from 30kg up­wards sell­ing from €71 and €72 up to €80.

Cast ewes con­tin­ued to hold a steady trade. They sold from €30 with the kg for the feed­ing type ewes younger fit­ter ewes with heavy ewes out to a tops to­day of €145 and lots of ewes in ex­cess of €130.

Very large en­try of brood ewes to­day, over 500 on of­fer, the ma­jor­ity hoggets and they sold from €165 for the lighter type hoggets up to €205 for the well-marked Tul­low type hogget but lots of pens be­tween €175 and €190. A cou­ple of pens of aged ewes and they sold from €125 up to €140 per head.

Fri­day, July 19: Larger sale to­day in Tul­low for the monthly con­ti­nen­tal and wean­ling sale with trade op­ti­mistic amongst a very dif­fi­cult beef price.

Beef and for­ward type bks met with an hon­est and steady trade bear­ing in mind the beef price with those Friesian and AA sell­ing from €580 up to a tops of €900 with the kg for the con­ti­nen­tal type cat­tle with the for­ward type store bks the quick turn­ing bks meet­ing a good lively trade from €2.10 to €2.40 per kg with some lighter bks very well made bks meet­ing a very strong de­mand. For ex­am­ple some Li­mousin 550kg mak­ing €1,320, 520kg mak­ing €1,250, 500kg mak­ing €1,160, 470kg mak­ing €1,200. The lighter plainer Friesian types sell­ing from €1.75 per kg with the HE and AA from €190 to €2.05 per kg and again the gen­eral run of those con­ti­nen­tal bks from €2.10 to €2.40 per kg.

Steady trade in the hfr ring for those beef type hfrs sell­ing from €550 up to €€880 with the kg while we had some lighter store hfrs and those sell­ing from €2 up to €2.35 per kg.

A large en­try of cul cows for the day of the year and they sell­ing any­thing from €100 with the kg for the aged Friesian types with the con­ti­nen­tal feed­ing type cows from €250 up to €400 with the kg with some heavy cows ex­celling the €1,500 mark. 1 Charo­lais cow 800kg mak­ing €1,560 and an­other con­ti­nen­tal cow 800kg mak­ing €1,490.

In the calf ring a small en­try of calves with the Friesian sell­ing from €60 to €110 per head HE and AA hfrs from €100 up­wards with the HE and AA bulls sell­ing from €160 up­wards with some con­ti­nen­tal hfrs and bulls sell­ing from €200 up to a tops of €380 per head.

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