Six Knots To­wards Wick­low

Wicklow People (West Edition) - - NEWS - by Pat Brennan

Pull up the an­chor and let us sail away

Not wait for to­mor­row for to­day is the day

We’ll sail around the ocean flag high on our ship

Six knots to­wards Wick­low Vincent Byrne and Mick Bip

Dol­phins are swim­ming as we head around the coast Tall wind in our sails and we’re mak­ing the most Seag­ulls high fly­ing and amaz­ing to see

This town land call Wick­low for you and for me

Lets dock in the har­bour as the sun sets on high And we stand for a mo­ment as time passes by To re­call to your mem­ory some sto­ries of Mick I spoke to the Ma­jor as he stood at the slip

He told me a story about Vincent and Mick At the end of the Packet could you pic­ture this A night in black dark­ness and a mist in the sky Three bod­ies re­cov­ered and fam­i­lies ask why

A car had gone un­der sank down thir­teen feet

It’s cold and it’s dark with their hands how they creep A torch in a bag was the light all they had

For Vincent and Mick these fam­i­lies were glad One other res­cue was at the Dane Steps

A young man in trou­ble where Mick did his best The young man went un­der and came up too late And found him­self stand­ing at God’s Golden Gate.

So rest on James Mul­van­ney, Michael and Mary Wilson As I write on

A poem to you of mem­o­ries not gone

Lets sail back to­gether now as the sun sets

To your home in the Heav­ens

Now loved ones God rest.

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