Work­ing on your­self vs be­ing ‘busy busy’

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IN the same way that en­trepreneur­s are en­cour­aged to re­flect and act on the con­cept of work­ing on the busi­ness ver­sus work­ing in the busi­ness, we can all ben­e­fit from giv­ing qual­ity time to ‘work­ing on our­selves’ rather than be­ing busy ‘do­ing, do­ing, do­ing’ all the time.

Keep­ing busy ‘do­ing stuff ’ is like work­ing on ef­fi­ciency and not ef­fec­tive­ness – which rarely leads to the best out­come. ‘Be­ing ef­fec­tive is about do­ing the right things, while be­ing ef­fi­cient is about do­ing things right’.

I of­ten meet peo­ple that want to make changes to their lives but don’t give them pri­or­ity. They of­ten start with en­thu­si­asm. But af­ter a while, the change is rel­e­gated to time that is not filled with other stuff. There is time oc­ca­sion­ally but it is never enough to in­te­grate habits, build mo­men­tum and sus­tain pos­i­tive change and trans­for­ma­tion. Peo­ple have the il­lu­sion they are work­ing on them­selves and be­come eas­ily dis­heart­ened and give up be­cause of lack of progress.

Tak­ing a lit­tle time to re­flect on how you’re do­ing and pri­ori­tis­ing your health and growth mind and body and recharg­ing your bat­ter­ies can and does pay great div­i­dends. When, you are at your best, you can nat­u­rally bring your ‘best self’ where ever you to.

Just as en­trepreneur­s and busi­ness own­ers cre­ate a sus­tain­able and suc­cess­ful busi­ness by work­ing on the busi­ness and not just in the busi­ness, equally, we can all ben­e­fit from step­ping back, tak­ing stock, see­ing what might be hold­ing us back or grow us and work­ing on our­selves – ul­ti­mately grow­ing ca­pac­ity, strength, drive and ef­fec­tive­ness en­sur­ing con­sis­tent growth and de­vel­op­ment in the long-term.

Stress + Rest = growth. Stress + no rest = burnout. Be­cause of be­ing ‘busy do­ing’, many of us op­er­ate from a place of par­tial burnout much of the time, by not tak­ing care of our­selves or giv­ing space and pri­or­ity for per­sonal growth.

Why do we avoid work­ing on our­selves? Work­ing on your­self takes courage and ef­fort. It can be chal­leng­ing as we are forced to sit with and look at the parts of our­selves that we would of­ten rather not see. We of­ten tell our­selves con­ve­nient lies to avoid the un­com­fort­able truths. Gen­er­ally, we are avoid­ing some kind of dis­com­fort which iron­i­cally passes when we sit with it.

Peo­ple that work on them­selves, bring fresh per­spec­tives to sit­u­a­tions. War­ren Buf­fett reads for six hours a day. Bill Gates has read a book a week for the last 20 years. There are many other ex­am­ples. Work­ing on your­self pays. We can do this through books, self­s­tudy and re­flec­tion or even do­ing cour­ses or sim­ply giv­ing time to per­sonal de­vel­op­ment body and mind through ex­er­cise, med­i­ta­tion, read­ing, study­ing and ac­tively learn­ing new things and chal­leng­ing our­selves daily.

We can all ben­e­fit from sharp­en­ing our per­sonal saws.

Here are seven quotes to in­spire self-im­prove­ment

1. ‘If you al­ways do what you’ve al­ways done, you’ ll al­ways be where you’ve al­ways been.’ – TD Jakes

2. ‘Make the most of your­self... for that is all there is of you.’ – Ralph Waldo Emer­son

3. ‘Work on your­self more than you do no your job.’ – Jim Rohn

4. ‘There is noth­ing no­ble in be­ing su­pe­rior to your fel­low man; true no­bil­ity is be­ing su­pe­rior to your for­mer self.’ – Ernest Hem­ing­way

5. ‘The mind is just like a mus­cle – the more you ex­er­cise it, the stronger it gets and the more it can ex­pand.’ – Idowu Koyenikan

6. ‘Change is your friend not your foe; change is a bril­liant op­por­tu­nity to grow.’ – Simon T Bailey

7. ‘The time is now. Stop hit­ting the snooze but­ton on your life.’ – Mel Rob­bins

Calodagh McCu­miskey de­signs and de­liv­ers be­spoke well­be­ing at work pro­grammes to grow peo­ple and com­pa­nies. She also of­fers reg­u­lar med­i­ta­tion classes, per­sonal de­vel­op­ment work­shops and well­be­ing con­sul­ta­tions to help peo­ple thrive 053 9140655 | [email protected]­i­ | www.spir­i­

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