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SHEEP RE­PORT AU­GUST 20: A large sale today in Tul­low with just shy of 3000 sheep on of­fer and the trade re­main­ing steady for the stores and pos­si­bly im­proved by €1 or €2 in some cases with the heav­ier fat lambs strug­gling to hold on last weeks prices but no no­table dif­fer­ence ei­ther.

Those heavy lambs over 45kg sell­ing from €95 up to a tops of €108 a big dif­fer­en­tial there but also a big dif­fer­en­tial in qual­ity with the ma­jor­ity of those fleshed lambs sell­ing from €98 up to €106. Some stronger ewe lambs out to a tops of €120 with some of the store lambs the light­est store lambs of­fered today be­ing 26kg and 27kg and they sell­ing from €68 up to €75 one lot of 29kg 70 lambs in the lot mak­ing €74. A good steady trade for those stores 33kg up to €38kg meet­ing a good hon­est trade with the qual­ity store lambs out to a tops of €85 for those 41kg and 42kg types.

Cast ewes €15 to €20 with the kg with the younger fit­ter ewes up to €30 with the kg and the heavy ewes today still meet­ing an hon­est steady trade up to a tops of €135 and a very hon­est trade for those heavy ewes.

In the brood ring we saw the hoggets pos­si­bly bet­ter today by €5 to €10 per head but in some in­stances the price not bet­ter but the qual­ity of hogget not as good as other weeks and they meet­ing a steady farmer trade with the aged ewes bro­ken mouth ewes from €100 up­wards with some good gen­uine 2 & 3 yr olds up to a tops of €155 today.

In the Charol­lais ring we had an 85% clear­ance for their first Charol­lais sale in Tul­low for this year with the Charol­lais rams sell­ing from €350 out to a tops of €800 with the ma­jor­ity be­tween €400 and €570.

Just to re­mind ev­ery­one on Fri­day 6th Septem­ber in con­junc­tion with our weekly cat­tle sale we have an E & U grade Show & Sale for Wean­lings at 2pm and all wean­lings have to be en­tered in ad­vance for this sale.

CAt­tle re­port - Au­gust 23: A large sale in Tul­low today for the monthly con­ti­nen­tal sale with over 260 cat­tle on of­fer. Trade would sug­gest to be pos­i­tive amongst a very dif­fi­cult beef trade with prices for the qual­ity con­ti­nen­tal cat­tle meet­ing a very lively de­mand.

Beef and for­ward bul­locks the Friesian type bul­locks sell­ing €500 with the kg up to a tops today of €920 with the kg for the very heavy for­ward con­ti­nen­tal type bul­locks that be­ing 1 bul­lock at 750kg mak­ing €1,620. In the store bul­lock ring we hand an hon­est trade those plainer HE blacks sell­ing from €1.90 to €2.05 per kg with some Friesian from €1.75 per kg while we saw a good lively trade for those well made R grade con­ti­nen­tal type bul­locks with a bun­dle of Charo­lais bul­locks 460kg mak­ing €1,180 while we also saw 2 Li­mousin bul­locks 415kg mak­ing €1,050.

A very lively trade for the heifers. The beef heifers from €550 for the plainer HE types up to €900 with the kg for the con­ti­nen­tal type heifers with the store heifers the HE and AA from €1.90 to €2.05 per kg de­pend­ing on age with the con­ti­nen­tal heifers sell­ing from €2 up­wards of €2.40 per kg and a very lively trade for those 350kg to 420kg with them meet­ing a strong de­mand.

In the cow ring we had Friesian cows any­thing from €100 with the kg for the Friesian type cow straight out of the par­lour with the con­ti­nen­tal cows out to a tops today of €1,450 but still a very steady trade for the store type cows sell­ing from €300 up to €450 with the kg.

R grade type wean­ling bulls sell­ing from €2.10 to €2.25 per kg with some stronger mus­cle bulls sell­ing up to €2.50 and €2.60 per kg.

On Fri­day Septem­ber 6, in con­junc­tion with our weekly cat­tle sale we are hold­ing an E and U grade wean­ling show and sale for both bulls and heifers. The cat­tle have to be pre en­tered for the show and sale and the sale will com­mence at ap­prox­i­mately 2 p.m. im­me­di­ately af­ter the cat­tle sale.

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