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IT’S back to school al­ready, so now is a good time to con­sider giv­ing your young child or teenager a mul­ti­vi­ta­min to keep them in tip top shape. Not sur­pris­ingly they can be tired for the first cou­ple of weeks of school try­ing to get back into the rou­tine of it all. Es­pe­cially if it has been a busy sum­mer of ac­tiv­i­ties and late nights, it all catches up on them. A month or two of a mul­ti­vi­ta­min can help get them back on track.

De­pend­ing on the age you could try Re­vive Ac­tive Teen, or Ju­nior, it sup­ports im­mu­nity, di­ges­tion, cog­ni­tive func­tion, and en­ergy lev­els, a good all round supplement.

If you would pre­fer a supplement to help pro­tect them from pick­ing up colds and runny noses the first week back in school there are op­tions too. Con­sider Vi­ta­min C, D or Zinc, beta glu­cans. Or Echi­nacea, suit­able from 12 years.

Some stu­dents will be in an exam year so as well as a mul­ti­vi­ta­min they could also take fish oils. Fish oil can take some time be­fore the ef­fect is seen but they are ex­tremely im­por­tant for cog­ni­tive func­tion, mem­ory, mood, and can sup­port im­mu­nity too. Eskimo oil is one that I see good re­sults with.

As well as top­ping up on the nu­tri­ents to sup­port en­ergy, and im­mu­nity they’ll need a good night’s sleep. A good sleep will help mood, mem­ory, con­cen­tra­tion, im­mu­nity, and in­crease en­ergy lev­els. Res­cue Rem­edy Night is a gen­tle rem­edy to help get them back into a rou­tine if needed.

Anx­i­ety can be an is­sue for some chil­dren re­turn­ing to school or for stu­dents start­ing off in col­lege. Higher Na­ture Bal­ance For Nerves is worth try­ing, it’s suit­able from age 6.

The flower essence Aspen is a good essence for fear of the un­known out­come, which can cause anx­i­ety. For ex­am­ple, not know­ing where they’ll sit in school, or who their friend will be, or maybe they’re ner­vous won­der­ing what their teacher will be like; there might be anx­i­eties around col­lege life and what that will be like. These are all anx­i­eties that are as­so­ci­ated with this rem­edy. It’s worth try­ing if they feel this type of fear/anx­i­ety. Clair Whitty is a Bach Flower Prac­ti­tioner, a Nu­tri­tional Health Coach ac­cred­ited with Thought Leader Nat­u­ral Health 2018 and a Vega Food In­tol­er­ance Tester at The Nat­u­ral Health Store, 24 North Main Street, Wex­ford 053 9121613 | [email protected]­ | www.nat­u­ral­health­

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