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Wicklow People (West Edition) - - MIND GAMES -

1. What sort of crea­ture is a cock­atiel? A. A fish, B. A mon­key, C. A bird,

D. A lizard.

2. Which an­i­mal has red, grey and Arc­tic va­ri­eties?

A. Owl, B. Wolf, C. Fox, D. Cat.

3. In which South African town­ship were over 60 demon­stra­tors killed by the po­lice in 1960?

A. Peter­loo, B. Bak­erville, C. Sharpevill­e, D. Shore­town.

4. Which sul­tan of Egypt and Syria noted for his chivalry pro­voked the Third Cru­sade by his cap­ture of Jerusalem? A. Ab­dul­lah, B. Mo­hamed, C. Ali, D. Sal­adin.

5. Which British drama­tist wrote Rook­ery Nook and Plun­der?

A. Ben Travers, B. Ben Smith, C. Ben Rolton, D. Ben Geer.

6. In what year did the Sec­ond World War be­gin?

A. 1939, B. 1945, C. 1940, D. 1937.

7. Who starred as the Min­is­ter in Yes Min­is­ter?

A. Paul Smith, B. Paul Ed­ding­ton, C. Paul Henry, D. Paul Tiss­ing­ton.

8. What is the nick­name of Tchaikovsk­y’s Sym­phony No 3 in D?

A. The 3D Sym­phony, B. Pol­ish Sym­phony, C. The Rock Sym­phony, D. The Bit­ter­Sweet Sym­phony.

SO­LU­TIONS TO LAST WEEK’S PUB QUIZ: 1. A; 2. A; 3. A; 4. C; 5. B; 6. A; 7. A; 8. A.

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