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Round 1

Fe­bru­ary 2

Sligo (H) v. Meath Long­ford (H) v. Kil­dare Of­faly (H) v. Down Roscom­mon (H) v. Wick­low

Round 2 - Fe­bru­ary 10

Wick­low v. Down Kil­dare (H) v. Roscom­mon Long­ford (H)v Sligo Meath (H) v Of­faly

Round 3 - Fe­bru­ary 23

Meath (H) v. Roscom­mon Of­faly (H) v. Long­ford Wick­low (H) v.Kil­dare

Fe­bru­ary 24

Down (H) v. Sligo

Round 4 - March 3

Roscom­mon (H) v. Down Kil­dare (H) v. Of­faly Long­ford (H) v. Meath Sligo (H) v. Wick­low

Round 5 - March 17

Sligo (H) v. Roscom­mon Kil­dare (H) v. Meath Down (H) v. Long­ford Wick­low v. Of­faly

Round 6 - March 24

Meath (H) v. Wick­low Roscom­mon (H) v. Long­ford Kil­dare (H) v. Down Of­faly (H) v. Sligo

Round 7 - April 7

Of­faly (H) v. Roscom­mon Down (H) v. Meath Long­ford (H) v. Wick­low Sligo (H) v. Kil­dare Play­off/Reg­u­la­tions, April 13/14 Semi-fi­nals, April 20/21 Fi­nals (Di­vi­sions 3 and 4), May 4 Fi­nals (Di­vi­sions 1 and 2), May 5

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