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Base: home­made gra­nola

Makes four to six serv­ings.

½ kg. oats

4 Tbsp. se­same

200 gr. hazel­nuts/al­monds/pecans/or

other nuts

¾ cup oil

¾ cup honey or silan

200 gr. dried fruits

5 Tbsp. ground co­conut

Mix the oats with the se­same, nuts, oil and honey.

Trans­fer to a pan that is lined with bak­ing pa­per and flat­ten mix­ture. Bake in an oven that has been pre­heated to 160°C (320°F) for 15 min­utes un­til golden brown. Each oven heats dif­fer­ently, so cook­ing time may vary.

Add the dried fruits and co­conut and bake another 10 min­utes. Let cool and store in an air­tight con­tainer.

Hula hoop dancer on an is­land

Flower in her hair: petals are made from dried straw­ber­ries and stems from lemon peel

Tree branches: kiwi Co­conuts on the tree: hazel­nuts Tree trunk: pecan halves Co­conuts on the ground: roasted

chest­nuts with shells

Is­land: gra­nola with nuts and dried


Sea: yo­gurt mixed with blue food col­or­ing

Hula hoop dancer: lo­tus cream dis­pensed with a pas­try bag

Grass skirt: strips of green ap­ple skin Belly but­ton: small choco­late ball Bathing suit top: hazel­nuts Flower chain: dried straw­ber­ries Cloud: yo­gurt

Sun: dried or­ange slice

Hair: strips of dried dates

Eyes: pine nuts with a dot of yo­gurt

and a tiny ball of choco­late

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