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With the elec­tions over and the hol­i­day al­most here – it is time to choose last-minute presents, fin­ish the clean­ing, have a nice drink with friends and plan your next travel desti­na­tion

Pretty nails

New from Essie, the iconic New York nail var­nish brand, a line of Gel Cou­ture for home use. No nail var­nish can last more than a day if you are cook­ing and wash­ing dishes, and most women now turn to Gel var­nishes that last much longer. But ap­ply­ing and re­mov­ing gel nail pol­ish is done in a salon and find­ing time (and money) for that – es­pe­cially with so much to do – well, it is not al­ways pos­si­ble. Essie now launched a new gel Cou­ture promising up to 12 days with per­fect shine and no need for LED or UV dry­ing lamp. Choose from 26 trendy shades. Ap­ply two coats and one top coat. NIS 49.90, avail­able in Su­per­pharm stores and per­fumeries.

Very handy

With all the spring clean­ing and hol­i­day cook­ing – our hands need spe­cial care. Derma-Cos­metic com­pany La Roche Posay has a unique hand cream, Ci­caplast, which pro­tects the skin and re­stores dam­aged and ex­tra sen­si­tive skin, treat­ing it with rich and fast-ab­sorb­ing tex­ture that pro­vides a clear, pro­tect­ing, water­proof coat for an hour. Use be­fore and af­ter clean­ing and cook­ing. NIS 55.

Some­thing new

Even small touches can make a dif­fer­ence and when it comes to the chil­dren’s room. Try adding a new ac­ces­sory from the Etz­maleh col­lec­tion, such as toy or laun­dry bas­kets in a cool de­sign of stars or stripes, throw cushions, cre­ative desks and more. We loved the toy/laun­dry bas­ket – and not only for the kids’ room. NIS 59. Avail­able at www.etz­

Scent of spring

Michael Kors brand launched a new spring scent to die for. Sky Blos­som lim­ited edi­tion brings the scent of a warm sunny day – with open­ing notes of berg­amot, fol­lowed by fresh cit­rus fruit, sweet fre­sia and a spray of green tea. The base is white musk, grey am­ber and green herbs. Lovely. NIS

399 for 100 ml and NIS 299 for 50 ml.

Pam­per­ing gifts

Make your life easy and go for pam­per­ing cos­metic gift boxes for men or women by HL. The profession­al cos­metic com­pany launches for the hol­i­day the “Be First” for men, with calm­ing af­ter­shave lo­tion and age de­fense serum, both in mas­cu­line black flasks at NIS 281, and an anti-ag­ing “C for Suc­cess” box for women, in­clud­ing serum vi­ta­min C, in­ten­sive day cream and night cream for NIS 585. Both boxes will make re­cip­i­ents very happy. Guar­an­teed. Avail­able at HL li­censed beau­ti­cians. For more de­tails go to

Thank you!

Say thank you to your hosts with a box of kosher for Passover Merici choco­lates. The choco­late boxes come in a va­ri­ety of fla­vors and sizes, from the classic red box of mixed fla­vors in two sizes – 250 gr. for NIS 22 to 400 gr. for NIS 45, as well as the blue box of milk choco­late and brown box of bit­ter choco­late.

Ice cream time

New from Strauss – gluten-free and kosher for Passover Cor­netto ice cream cone. What could be better? The cone is made from tapi­oca flour and con­tains choco­late, hazel­nut and vanilla ice cream. Avail­able in all su­per­mar­kets.

Sur­prise the kids

Look­ing for the Afiko­man is a very clever way of keep­ing the kids busy dur­ing the Seder. This year, add some in­ter­est by hid­ing other things for them to find – such as Kinder eggs, that this year of­fer a kosher for Passover edi­tion. The toys inside the kosher for Passover edi­tion are all from the Min­ions toy col­lec­tion.

Breezy and cool

Hold­ing a brunch or lunch this hol­i­day? Bac­ardi launched a new kosher for Passover edi­tion of lemon and pineapple Breez­ers that will be the per­fect cool­ers for a spring party. The re­fresh­ing al­co­holic bev­er­age based on classic Bac­ardi rum with exotic fruit juice is of­fered in 275 ml. bot­tles with 4% al­co­hol. NIS 10 to NIS 12.

Drink like the lo­cals

Arak is very pop­u­lar in Is­rael. Made from grapes and anise, it is kosher for Passover, as well as ex­tremely suit­able for warm weather. The new pre­mium Arak, Yuda, is made by the north­ern dis­tillery Kawar to­gether with Euro­stan­dard. The unique arak is made from Syr­ian anise, 100% pure white grape al­co­hol and pure Galilee water. Drink with ice, water or grapefruit juice. NIS 59.

Res­cue me

If it is your turn to host the Seder din­ner, you may be in need of res­cue. So just be­fore ev­ery­body ar­rives and you feel stressed – try the new lemon-fla­vored Res­cue can­dies. Based on the Bach res­cue drops, the gummy candy is not too sweet and you can keep the round metal box in your pocket to be used when needed. NIS 40, avail­able at phar­ma­cies and na­ture shops.

Kind clean­ing

Clean­ing and do­ing end­less dish­wash­ing this hol­i­day? Think also of your health and the en­vi­ron­ment. Ecover eco­log­i­cal clean­ing com­pany in­tro­duces a new eco­log­i­cal plant-based dish­wash­ing liq­uid with min­er­als and no petro­chem­i­cals. The liq­uid does not harm the en­vi­ron­ment and be­ing con­cen­trated means you only need very lit­tle. The bot­tle is made from sugar cane and re­cy­cled plas­tic. Ecover prod­ucts are pro­duced in an eco­log­i­cal plant ac­ti­vated by so­lar and wind energy and are an­i­mal friendly. The dish­wash­ing liq­uid is one of a whole line of eco­log­i­cal prod­ucts, now avail­able at re­duced hol­i­day prices in na­ture shops and su­per­mar­kets. NIS 15.90 for a liter.

If you plan to travel

Trav­el­ing this spring and sum­mer? Man­da­rina Duck suitcases come in fan­tas­tic new col­lec­tions and it is very hard to choose be­tween them. There are the new soft cases, Bil­bao, with a whole line of sizes and col­ors – from small on-board trol­leys to large ones, with ex­cel­lent de­tails such as same-color zip­pers, straps for hold­ing coats and spe­cial com­part­ments for passport and papers. The suitcases come in many col­ors in­clud­ing very pretty navy blue, red, or­ange and black.

The new Work Now line for busi­ness travel offers a very func­tional and stylish line of trol­leys with spe­cial com­part­ment for the lap­top, in three col­ors – olive green, blue and black. If, like me, you pre­fer the hard cases – choose from Log­duck line of dif­fer­ent size suitcases that are per­fect for any kind of travel, with very pretty col­ors (I love their yel­low), poly­car­bon­ate shell, ex­pand­able cen­ter and zipped in­ner com­part­ment, as well as TSA lock. This is my choice. All the Man­da­rina Duck suitcases are avail­able at the Top Tik shops and on­line at­

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