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David Gef­fen notes in his ar­ti­cle (“Bask­ing in our nascent in­de­pen­dence,” May 3) that Rabbi Her­zog of the Yeshu­run Sy­n­a­gogue hosted a morn­ing ser­vice at­tended by the chief rab­bis and prime min­is­ter, and stated, “We stand at the thresh­old of hu­man­ity’s repa­ra­tion for the great in­jus­tice meted out to the Jewish peo­ple. Just as one good deed leads to an­other, so will this act of rec­om­pense spread through­out the world. We are at the be­gin­ning of the redemp­tion of the whole world, which was fore­told by the prophets.”

This was 1950 and in­deed it must have looked like that, with the Jewish peo­ple at last in their his­toric home­land. They could never have imagined how all their sac­ri­fices would be in vain: that there would be Is­raeli gov­ern­ments will­ing to sur­ren­der the land they fought and died for.

They could never have imagined Moshe Dayan, af­ter the loss of thou­sands of our peo­ple in the Six Day War, beg­ging our en­e­mies to stay and telling them their Mus­lim flag over the Tem­ple Mount must re­main – as the Tem­ple Mount meant lit­tle to us, with the re­sult that Jews try­ing to ac­cess our holi­est site are treated like crim­i­nals.

They could never have imagined that, to­day, a prime min­is­ter with the un­de­ni­able strength of the IDF has al­lowed our en­e­mies to grow into strong armies, by sup­port­ing their ev­ery de­mand, due to his fear of con­fronting and de­stroy­ing them; that to­day, af­ter a bar­rage of some 700 rock­ets and five deaths, he once again sur­ren­dered to their de­mands and will al­low Qatar to dou­ble its money to them in the sum of $30 mil­lion, to­gether with the eas­ing of re­stric­tions that were nonethe­less never kept.

While the blood of our peo­ple flows and our land burns and the en­emy stands strong, I see no cause for to­day’s cel­e­bra­tions.



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