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Use a 20-cm. di­am­e­ter Kugel­hopf bundt pan.


1 small le­mon

3 Tbsp. sugar

¼ cup (50 ml.) wa­ter

1 Tbsp. freshly grated gin­ger


50 g. but­ter

40 g. (¹⁄3 cup) canola oil

3 eggs

200 g. (¹⁄3 cup) sugar

250 g. (1¾ cup) flour, sifted

1 tsp. bak­ing pow­der

150 g. sour cream (or orange juice or co­conut milk for pareve ver­sion)

50 ml. milk (or juice, wa­ter or almond milk for pareve ver­sion)

2 Tbsp. roasted ground pis­ta­chios

Be­fore bak­ing:

2 Tbsp. honey

White cho­co­late ganache:

½ con­tainer (125 ml.) sweet cream 1½ bars (150 g.) of white cho­co­late


1 Tbsp. chopped pis­ta­chios Dried rose pe­tals

Wash and scrub le­mon. Slice it thinly, re­move seeds and place in pot. Add the sugar and wa­ter. Stir and cook for 30 min­utes un­til soft and syrupy. Re­move from flame and let cool. Add the gin­ger and blend to­gether with liq­uids.

Melt the but­ter in a glass bowl in the mi­crowave for a few sec­onds at a time. Re­move and add the oil. Stir well. Us­ing an elec­tric mixer (or you can mix by hand) beat the eggs on high speed and then grad­u­ally add the sugar. Whip un­til stiff peaks form. Add the flour, bak­ing pow­der and but­ter and mix again.

Add the sour cream, milk and pis­ta­chios and mix again. Fold in the le­mon and gin­ger syrup and mix well. Pour into a well-greased pan (make sure the oil has reached ev­ery nook and cranny so that the cake will sep­a­rate eas­ily af­ter it’s fin­ished bak­ing. Flat­ten bat­ter and then driz­zle with honey.

Bake in an oven that has been pre­heated to 170°C (340°F) for 50 to 60 min­utes un­til a tooth­pick that is in­serted in the mid­dle comes out dry and clean. Place on a wire rack to cool and then flip over cake onto a large serv­ing plat­ter.

To pre­pare the white cho­co­late ganache, place the sweet cream and the cho­co­late pieces in a glass bowl. Heat in the mi­crowave for 20 to 30 sec­onds. Stir un­til smooth.

I like to pre­pare the ganache so that it’s not too thick, but you are wel­come to add a bit more cho­co­late un­til it reaches the de­sired con­sis­tency. And if it be­comes too thick, just add a bit more cream. You can let it cool down be­fore ic­ing the cake if you want, which is eas­ier. Let the ganache drip over the sides of the cake and then sprin­kle with pis­ta­chios and rose pe­tals on top.

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