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Dmitry Jakovenko v Zoltan Al­masi, World Cup, Rus­sia . With level ma­te­rial, and only queen, mi­nor piece and a pawn on each side, you could be for­given for mark­ing this down as a draw banker. Yes, White can queen his pawn by 1 eQ Bxe  Qxe but that doesn't re­ally help. The black queen can then start a check­ing se­quence and even if White man­ages to reach queen and knight against queen that is a book draw ex­cept in rare cir­cum­stances. But the young Rus­sian grand­mas­ter Jakovenko still found a win­ning two-move tac­tic which could be called prob­lem-like in such a bar­ren po­si­tion. Can you spot White's win­ning idea? Both the key moves are checks.

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