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Acne is no laugh­ing mat­ter. Mak­ing a teenager’s life mis­er­able, it can in some pa­tients be a life­long prob­lem, or reap­pear in dif­fer­ent ages and con­di­tions. A new line of prod­ucts – Gigi Ac­non, de­vel­oped by Gigi and tested clin­i­cally at Wolf­son hos­pi­tal’s der­ma­tol­ogy clinic, has a unique patent that gives the best re­sults avail­able with no drugs. The com­plete line in­cludes day con­trol cream for hy­dra­tion – be­cause even though the skin maybe oily – it still needs hy­dra­tion and sun pro­tec­tion, as well as anti-bac­te­rial com­plex and nat­u­ral acids (NIS 159), a pore pu­ri­fy­ing mask – to ab­sorb ex­ces­sive se­bum, re­lax the skin, cleanse the pores and re­duce red­ness (NIS 118), Triple Acid Rapid wipes – the star prod­uct, which is very use­ful also for those not suf­fer­ing from ac­tive acne. The in­di­vid­u­ally wrapped wipes con­tain com­plex of mi­cro peel­ing acids to re­move dead skin cells as well as ex­cess se­bum and dirt, and re­lax­ing herbal essences (NIS 149 for 30 wipes), a won­der­ful matte makeup es­pe­cially de­signed for prob­lem­atic skin that pro­vides medium cover, is de­signed for long-time wear and has an­tibac­te­rial and anti-in­flam­ma­tion in­gre­di­ents. A won­der­ful so­lu­tion for young­sters suf­fer­ing from acne (NIS 149).

Other prod­ucts to check out are Gigi’s smooth­ing fa­cial cleanser for oily and prob­lem­atic skin (NIS 159), spot­less skin re­fresher with re­lax­ing and ac­tive in­gre­di­ents (NIS 189) and Ac­non night cream (NIS 129). The last three prod­ucts can also be pur­chased as a kit for NIS 359.

Avail­able at Gigi cen­ters. For one near you call (03) 925-8888.

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