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There are dif­fer­ent Greek, Turkish and Bulgarian ver­sions of this dish, which use dif­fer­ent types of cheese or filo dough. The recipe listed be­low is one of my fa­vorite ver­sions.

Use a 26-cm. di­am­e­ter pan.

1 pack­age of filo or pas­try dough 50 to 70 grams of melted but­ter


1 con­tainer (250 ml.) of sweet cream

½ cup milk

4 eggs, beaten well

Salt and pep­per to taste

A tiny bit of nut­meg

400 g. spinach, blanched and dried well, torn into pieces

200 g. feta cheese, crum­bled

300 g. Kashkaval cheese, crum­bled

150 g. parme­san cheese, grated


2 to 3 Tbsp. nigella and sesame seeds

Mix the cream, milk and eggs to­gether in a bowl. Sea­son with salt, pep­per and nut­meg and stir.

In a sep­a­rate bowl, mix the cheeses with the spinach.

Grease the pan with but­ter and line the bot­tom and sides with filo dough, let­ting dough fall over the sides. Brush filo dough with but­ter.

Add an­other layer of filo dough and brush with but­ter again. Con­tinue un­til you’ve added five lay­ers of dough.

Add half of the egg mix­ture and then half of the cheese mix­ture on top of the egg mix­ture. Then add a few more lay­ers of filo dough and the rest of the egg mix­ture and the rest of the cheese mix­ture on top.

Add two more lay­ers of filo dough and brush with but­ter. Fold any ex­tra dough into the mix­ture.

Brush well again with but­ter and then sprin­kle with nigella and sesame seeds. Bake in an oven that has been pre­heated to 180° for 25 to 30 min­utes or un­til pasty has turned golden brown and a tooth­pick comes out clean and dry.

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