Pas­sen­ger safety: Avoid­ing germs on a plane

The Jerusalem Post - The Jerusalem Post Magazine - - SPOTLIGHT - By Ja­son Black­shaw

The coro­n­avirus is af­fect­ing the air­line in­dus­try. Air­line com­pa­nies have an­nounced the can­cel­la­tion of flights to and from China due to a de­crease in de­mand as a re­sult of the fear that the virus could be trans­mit­ted by pas­sen­gers fly­ing from China to other coun­tries. It is a le­git­i­mate fear, as the cabin of an air­craft is full of germs. An air­craft is an en­closed space with prac­ti­cally no ven­ti­la­tion, where large num­bers of peo­ple are clus­tered to­gether for long pe­ri­ods of time. Thus it is fer­tile ground for the re­pro­duc­tion of dis­ease-caus­ing germs. Aware­ness of the fact that an air­plane is full of bac­te­ria is the first step to­ward tak­ing pre­ven­tive mea­sures. Stud­ies re­veal that bac­te­ria can sur­vive for about one week in an air­craft. There are al­ways large amounts of bac­te­ria on door han­dles, re­strooms, pas­sen­ger seats and arm­rests, the fold­ing tray on the side of the seat, as well as the over­head stor­age bins. So what can you do to en­sure that you ar­rive at your des­ti­na­tion un­con­tam­i­nated? The ex­perts at Dr. Fis­cher sug­gest the fol­low­ing pre­cau­tions to min­i­mize the risk of be­com­ing in­fected: 1. Use wipes such as Dr. Fis­cher’s Al­co­hol Wipes when­ever pos­si­ble. The wipes, made of soft fabric, are her­met­i­cally sealed in in­di­vid­ual pack­ets. They pro­vide thor­ough cleans­ing at any time and place. The wipes clean and dis­in­fect hands in one easy ac­tion. There are 20 in­di­vid­u­ally sealed wipes in each pack­age. The wipes are ideal for car­ry­ing in one’s pocket, purse or bag. When board­ing the plane, touch as few sur­faces as pos­si­ble. Be­fore tak­ing your seat, use the wipes to dis­in­fect your en­tire seat­ing en­vi­ron­ment: the seat, arm­rests, head­rest, food tray, seat belt, win­dow. In short, ev­ery­thing around you. 2. If pos­si­ble, avoid sit­ting in an aisle seat. They are ex­posed to pas­sen­gers walk­ing by who may ac­ci­den­tally touch you or breathe on you, thereby pass­ing on their germs. Ideally, book a win­dow seat to have as lit­tle ex­po­sure to oth­ers as pos­si­ble. 3. Try to use only her­met­i­cally sealed prod­ucts such as sealed mag­a­zines and her­met­i­cally en­closed blan­kets. It is ad­vis­able to bring your own head­phones. 4. Mo­bile phones, tablets and lap­tops pass through many places and many hands. It is ad­vis­able to wipe them reg­u­larly dur­ing a flight and on the ground. On a flight, avoid us­ing them in re­strooms and wipe any sur­face that comes in con­tact with your de­vice. 5. Cleanse your hands thor­oughly af­ter leav­ing the re­stroom and be­fore meals. Rub them with a dis­in­fec­tant gel or use a hand wipe with 70% al­co­hol con­tent. 6. Bring dis­pos­able face masks. If you are sit­ting next to some­one with a cough, sneeze or runny nose, put on a mask. Here are some Dr. Fis­cher prod­ucts that will help keep you healthy in com­pro­mis­ing en­vi­ron­ments: Alco-Gel Se­ries. This is the premier prod­uct to keep your hands clean. It is a quick and highly ef­fec­tive way to wash your hands with­out the use of soap and wa­ter. It re­duces the risk of catch­ing some­thing in or out of the home en­vi­ron­ment. The unique for­mula com­bines a high con­cen­tra­tion of al­co­hol (70%) with other in­gre­di­ents to de­fend against bac­te­ria. It in­cludes Provi­ta­min B5 and glyc­er­ine to main­tain mois­ture and skin soft­ness. The prod­uct has been lab­o­ra­tory tested and been found to be ef­fec­tive in dis­in­fect­ing 99.99% of the bac­te­ria tested. The bac­tera are the fol­low­ing: • Escherichi­a coli (E. coli): It is a com­mon cause of uri­nary tract in­fec­tion, which can cause blood poi­son­ing, pneu­mo­nia and menin­gi­tis. • Sta­phy­lo­coc­cus au­reus: It causes pneu­mo­nia, menin­gi­tis and skin ab­scess le­sions. It can also cause blood poi­son­ing and food poi­son­ing. • Pseu­domonas aerug­i­nosa: It causes pneu­mo­nia and may cause blood poi­son­ing. It is a ma­jor cause of dis­ease in hos­pi­tals. • Strep­to­coc­cus fae­calis: It causes in­flam­ma­tion of the heart, uri­nary sys­tem and gall blad­der. • En­ter­obac­ter aero­genes: It causes uri­nary tract in­fec­tions. It also causes sec­ondary in­fec­tions in hos­pi­tals. Dr. Fis­cher prod­ucts com­bine 50 years of ex­pe­ri­ence, re­search and in­no­va­tion to de­velop the most ad­vanced prod­ucts for the health and treat­ment of all mem­bers of the fam­ily. Alco-Gel prod­ucts are avail­able at re­tail stores, phar­macy chains, pri­vate phar­ma­cies and health funds.

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