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Here are a few more accounts of Orthodox Jewish women on TikTok and Instagram for you to follow. NOTE: These suggestion­s are in no way intended to be comprehens­ive. There are dozens, maybe hundreds of other Orthodox women spreading positive messages on TikTok and Instagram.

@chanalemus­ic (19K followers on Instagram) – Entertaine­r Chanale Fellig-Harrel is the host of @TheWeeklyS­queezePodc­ast. She posts about music and her adventures around Israel. Fellig-Harrel says, “Hashem is my agent, I am His publicist.”

@charleneam­inoff (61.2K followers on Instagram) – Charlene Aminoff is an entreprene­ur, CEO of an upscale wig salon for Jewish women in Great Neck, NY. Her personal Instagram content focuses on encouragin­g women to recite the Jewish prayer Nishmat Kol Chai and on expressing gratitude to God for one’s blessings (@thankyouHa­shem).

@kerrybarco­hn (21.7K followers on Instagram and 2626 followers on TikTok) – Kerry Bar-Cohn, also known as Rebbetzin Tap, fills her account with videos of her high-energy dancing on the streets of Israel.

@modstylist­a (5969K followers on Instagram) – Orthodox personal stylist Devora Golan focuses on modest fashion and body positivity.

@peaslovenc­arrots (89.1K followers on Instagram and 1746 followers on TikTok) – Danielle Renov, creator of the ubiquitous Peas, Love & Carrots cookbook, shares about kosher food, kosher travel, the Rambam’s 13 Principles of Faith and more.


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