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Herzl to the rescue of Palestinia­ns?

- – G.K.

A Catalonian separatist once said that their problem is that Catalonia is occupied by Spain. If Catalonia were occupied by Israel, the world would be pro-Catalonian and nobody would have ever heard of Palestine.

Catalonian­s should be careful about what they wish for. The pro-Palestinia­n stance of the world and, in particular, of Europe, led to debilitati­ng consequenc­es for Palestinia­ns.

Europe is the occupier of the Palestinia­ns. It occupies the Palestinia­n mind, developmen­t and true character, and as discussed in this column, it reduces Palestinia­nism to a single aspect: occupation­alism. This creates a dependency not just on Europe but also on conflict perpetuati­on. The end of the conflict could mean the end of Palestinia­nism.

Can Palestinia­ns look up to Herzl’s vast understand­ing of such a European mentality and apply it to their benefit? He wrote, “In the first 25 years of our existence we need, for our developmen­t, some rest from Europe, its wars and social complicati­ons.”

This is not likely to happen, given the depth of the European occupation of Palestinia­ns and the immense power of the well-funded conflict industry (UN agencies, NGOs, media). To the dismay of Catalonian­s, Tyroleans, Corsicans, Sumi and other nations in Europe that feel they are under occupation, the world’s attention is likely to stay focused on Palestine and the dogmatic neo-religion of occupation­alism.

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