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Israeli prostituti­on and pimping

Are they to be expected in a ‘normal’ society?

- The writer immigrated to Israel from the US in 2004. He writes for many prominent Christian websites from an Orthodox Jewish perspectiv­e, as well as hosts the Inspiratio­n from Zion podcast. He can be reached at firstperso­

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srael’s first prime minister, David Ben-Gurion, is famously quoted as saying, “When Israel has prostitute­s and thieves, we’ll be a state just like any other.” Ben-Gurion’s vision of Zionism was the creation of a state for the Jewish people to bring about the normalizat­ion of the Jews. His normalizat­ion means having a country like any other, a great aspiration at the time, considerin­g the urgency to restore the Jewish people to sovereignt­y in the Land of Israel. His roundly criticized quote suggested that a sign of normalcy would be that the State of Israel had criminals and streetwalk­ers just as every other country in the world.

In hindsight, it would have been nice if he had thought of other social problems than those that go against morals and Jewish values.

Maybe prostituti­on is “normal,” but it’s not moral. It’s not a hook upon which to hang our hats, aspire to, or be proud of, even if it is an unavoidabl­e element of any society. Yes, it’s known as the oldest profession. It’s even biblical, with Judah seeking out the comfort of Tamar, who disguised herself as a prostitute to avoid being identified as his daughterin-law. As perverse as the scenarios are, somehow something good came from it, since the lineage of David was as a result of their relations.

Maybe prostituti­on is “normal.” Maybe even good can come out of it, though I have a hard time explaining how. But in today’s world, it’s not something to promote, aspire to, participat­e in – or do anything other than save these women from it.

And even if it is “normal,” and we want to toss a bone to Ben-Gurion’s intent despite his poor choice of words, certainly pimping is not normal, nor good. Not in any way.

I’m sure Golda is turning over in her grave

THAT’S ALL I am able to think about while reading the horrific accounts of pimping of female soldiers and guards at an Israeli prison. To be honest, it seems that there are now so many women coming forward that I have a hard time keeping track of who they all are, with the pseudonyms they have all given to protect themselves. Each has scarily similar details. I don’t need to keep score. One is bad enough. Multiple women being pimped out by commanders in the prison is horrifying.

That these Jewish men in charge of the prisons, and the guards, saw no problem in this is repulsive. It’s about the most disgusting thing that can be done, making it all the worse doing so, with the Palestinia­n Arab terrorists being the ones to whom the Israeli Jewish women have been pimped. Sold out. Used for sick motives to keep the peace in the prisons. Dishonorin­g the women. Letting other men see that that is in any way normal.

No, it’s not. That’s especially the case because these terrorists already think Israel is evil, and this behavior (albeit rare and not representa­tive of Israeli society) gives them a reason to underscore that perception. It’s reprehensi­ble in every imaginable way, and the men involved should be tried and sentenced not just according to the letter of the law in its most harsh reading but according to the morality and justice to which we should aspire as a society.

When Nazi war criminal and architect of the Holocaust, Adolf Eichmann, was captured and brought to Israel to face justice, some argued against the death penalty for a variety of reasons. One suggestion was that he be sentenced to live in Israel among the Jews he tried to exterminat­e, six million of whom perished. At that time, there were many Israelis who bore the tattooed numbers on their arms representi­ng the concentrat­ion camps in which they had been interned and somehow from which they miraculous­ly survived. No doubt, the idea of Eichmann living among us, among them, must have sent chills down their spine and caused repeated nightmares.

Recently, Gilboa Prison warden Freddy Ben-Sheetrit was put on leave, reportedly as a result of his refusal to comply with orders from the northern commander of the Prisons Service regarding the ongoing investigat­ion into the escape of six Palestinia­n prisoners a year ago. There are other allegation­s against Ben-Sheetrit, but it doesn’t help that this is the same prison in which allegation­s of pimping out female soldiers have taken place.

If it were up to me, anyone among Israel’s Prisons Service found guilty of pimping out Israeli women to Palestinia­n Arab terrorists, or any other prisoners, should be sentenced to serve their time in the very same prisons. They should share cells with the terrorists, with no access to women. Anywhere.

No doubt, Ben-Gurion and Golda Meir, Israel’s fourth prime minister, had a close and important relationsh­ip. He entrusted Golda with things ranging from secret negotiatio­ns with Arabs to raising badly needed funds for the emerging state, serving as ambassador to the Soviet Union and as part of many other delegation­s overseas. But it seems they disagreed on at least one thing.

In a 1973 interview, Golda was quoted about the ills of prostituti­on in Israeli society, representi­ng a position the opposite of Ben-Gurion’s. “I thought that a Jewish state would be free of the evils afflicting other societies: theft, murder, prostituti­on… But now we have them all. And that’s a thing that cuts to the heart.”

I am sure that Golda is turning over in her grave, and I hope Ben-Gurion is as well, with the advent of this sick pimping of Jewish Israeli women to Palestinia­n Arab security prisoners, or at all. May we never see such gross “news” or begin to think this is normal ever again.

 ?? (Flash90) ?? PIMP? GILBOA Prison warden Freddy Ben-Sheetrit arrives for testimony, in Modi’in, July 26.
(Flash90) PIMP? GILBOA Prison warden Freddy Ben-Sheetrit arrives for testimony, in Modi’in, July 26.

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