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A bounty of B’s


Bonjour and bienvenue. The theme of this quiz is the letter “B”; thus all questions and/or answers center around this letter. Begin at your leisure.


1. On what London thoroughfa­re does Sherlock Holmes live?

2. What was the former name of the country Myanmar?

3. What iconic landmark did French sculptor Frédéric Bartholdi design?

4. What word stands for “B” in the NATO phonetic alphabet?

5. Which composer wrote the opera Prince Igor?

6. What is the name of Boston’s hockey team?

7. What is a burnoose? (a) a garment (b) a musical instrument (c) a temple (d)

a vehicle

8. Which artist painted The Blue Boy?

9. What actor starred in the comedy film Bedtime for Bonzo?

10. What English word is the translatio­n of the following? papillon (French); farfalla (Italian); mariposa (Spanish); babouchka (Russian); schmetterl­ing (German).

11. What is the capital of Belgium?

12. In the animated TV series The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show, what was the name of Russian spy Boris Badenov’s female cohort?

13. In what sport is Tai Babilonia a champion?

14. Which composer wrote the one-movement orchestral work Bolero?

15. In what country is Lake Balaton located?

16. Who played Janet’s (Susan Sarandon) fiancé, Brad, in the film The Rocky Horror Picture Show?

17. What is the only word in English that has three sets of consecutiv­e double letters?

18. Who was the lead singer of the rock band Blondie?

19. Which cartoon character uses the line “What’s up, doc?”?

20. Which two actors played siblings Jake and Elwood Blues in the film The

Blues Brothers?

21. In North American folklore, who was Babe the Blue Ox’s human companion?

22. What role did Billie Burke play in the film The Wizard of Oz?

23. In the play A Streetcar Named Desire, what is the name of Blanche DuBois’s family plantation?

24. Which celebrity has a daughter named Blue Ivy?

25. Which of the following historical figures had a horse named Bucephalus? (a) Genghis Khan (b) Alexander the Great (c) Julius Caesar (d) Lady Godiva.

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