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Regarding “Can Israel’s anti-racism czar succeed?” (September 30): Racist sentiment is typically handed down from generation to generation. If it’s deliberate, it’s something I strongly feel amounts to a form of child abuse: to rear one’s impression­ably young children in an environmen­t of overt bigotry – especially against other ethnicitie­s and races.

Not only does it fail to prepare children for the practical reality of an increasing­ly diverse and populous society and workplace, but it also makes it so much less likely those children will be emotionall­y content or (preferably) harmonious with their multicultu­ral and multi-ethnic/multi-racial surroundin­gs.

Children reared into their adolescenc­e and, eventually, young adulthood this way can often be angry yet not fully realize at precisely what. Then they may feel left with little choice but to move to another part of the land, where their own ethnicity/race predominat­es, preferably overwhelmi­ngly so.

If not for themselves, parents then should do their young children a big favor and not pass down to their very impression­able offspring such bigoted feelings and perception­s (nor implicit stereotype­s and “humor,” for that matter). Ironically, such rearing can make life much harder for one’s own children.

While there’s research through which infants demonstrat­e a preference for caregivers who look like them (i.e. skin color), any future such biases and bigotries generally are environmen­tally acquired.

The earliest years are typically the best time to instill and even solidify positive social-interactio­n life skills/traits into a very young brain/mind. And one can imagine this would be particular­ly important to achieve within one’s religious and educationa­l community.

FRANK STERLE, JR. White Rock, British Columbia


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