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The Magazine is to be congratula­ted on devoting its Sukkot edition to analyzing the relationsh­ip between Zionism and Judaism (“Is Zionism becoming the anchor of Judaism?” October 14). The two articles that resonated most were those written by President Isaac Herzog, a former chair of the Jewish Agency, and Natan Sharansky, who also chaired the Jewish Agency prior to Herzog. It is their close connection with Diaspora Jewry that makes their words particular­ly relevant. Both point out the vital necessity of Israel and the Diaspora working together for the benefit of Jews wherever they may live.

There can be no doubt that Israel will ultimately be the home for most Jews – not necessaril­y because all made aliyah but, sadly, because we are losing a high proportion of Jews to assimilati­on and intermarri­age.

Israel and Zionism have to be the focus for Jews throughout the Diaspora if they are to remain Jews. Programs such as Taglit-Birthright have proven to be of enormous significan­ce in ensuring a young person’s Jewish identity. Touching Israel is understand­ing what Zionism means. As “Hatikvah” says, “To be a free people in the land of Zion and Jerusalem.”

Kol Hakovod to the Magazine for this timely edition. BRENDA KATTEN


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