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With all the energy spent on chagim cooking, this Shabbat make your life easier with one-pot/pan dishes


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The phrase “after the holidays” has a great meaning for me. Because what is after the holidays for me? No more crazy holiday meals, no more entertaini­ng family members, friends and acquaintan­ces, no more traditiona­l foods appropriat­e for any occasion. In short, peace returns to my life, and life returns to its course. And from that we arrive at the weekend and have to organize an appropriat­e menu in honor of the Shabbat Queen.

I decided to prepare delicacies where everything happens in one vessel, pot or pan. This will save me time, save me from having to mess with utensils and save me energy, which I ran out of with the preparatio­n of all those holiday meals.

Every weekend I make yeast dough. I can’t stop. Whether I’m hosting or I’m a guest, I don’t miss the Friday morning custom of preparing yeast dough. This time, I chose to make rugelach cookies.

They can be created with two rolling methods. One, presented here, is the creation of a rectangle and dividing it into triangles. The other is the creation of two or three circles of dough. Spread with the chocolate filling and divide into triangles like pizza slices, only narrower. Roll each triangle from the wide side closest to you to the other side.

Instead of baking them individual­ly, I decided to combine them in one or two pans, depending on the diameter of the pan, and bake them as a whole rugelach cake – all in one pan. There’s no need to slice it – it’s okay to just tear off the rugelach, bite and enjoy.

The second recipe is for preparing a variety of vegetables in the oven. Light, aesthetic, tasty and low in calories. It is important to pay attention to the selection of vegetables that you put in the pan. The pan itself is brought to the table, thus saving on serving utensils.

The third recipe I chose is for a stew of Israeli couscous and chicken breast or chicken thighs in a spicy sauce. It’s so easy and simple, that you’ll be surprised by how many compliment­s it will garner.

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