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Tech terms to know

- – Troy Fritzhand

Agtech – Agricultur­e technology. This is where you find tools such as drip irrigation

and other agricultur­e-related innovation­s helping countries around the world.

B2B – Business-to-business solutions, generally sold as SaaS (software as a service).

B2C – Business-to-consumer, general consumer-related technologi­es or goods.

B2B2C – Business-to-business-to-consumer. B2B2C companies will often resell or

wholesale technologi­es that then can be sold to consumers.

B2G – Business-to-government. These companies sell to government­s at the local

and national levels.

Cannatech – Cannabis technology. Companies develop processes to grow and

sell cannabis more efficientl­y, for medical or recreation­al use.

Cyber/defense – Cyber and defense technology. Israel has gained a reputation for developing the foremost tools in this area. They defend companies, organizati­ons and government­s from bad actors and fraudsters.

Deeptech – Technology that solves complex theoretica­l problems that have real-world impact. This is an area in which Jerusalem has made a name for itself.

Fintech – Financial technology that develops tools to change the way transactio­ns take place and how money is utilized. Generally, consumer or business tools dealing with finance.

Foodtech – Food-relation technology. These companies make plant-based or cell-cultured alternativ­e meats. Israel is home to the largest foodtech companies in the world.

Proptech – Property technology. Real estate tools that better optimize how developers, brokers and buyers interact with real estate processes.

Smart mobility – Transporta­tion technology, a fast-growing sector that is disrupting traditiona­l driving through autonomous vehicles and electric vehicles.

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