Jemm Ven­tures Ac­cel­er­a­tor helps Is­raeli B2B star­tups ex­pand in US


Jemm Ven­tures Ac­cel­er­a­tor is a new pro­gram fo­cus­ing on Is­raeli seed stage B2B star­tups which have be­gun to sell their prod­uct and now are look­ing to ex­pand their pres­ence and op­er­a­tions in the US. It helps such star­tups work with the most ex­pe­ri­enced ex­ec­u­tives, strate­gic part­ners, and en­trepreneurs in San Fran­cisco/Sil­i­con Val­ley.

The pro­gram also pro­vides these star­tups with in­ten­sive work­shops, men­tor ses­sions and meet­ings for three months.

The ac­cel­er­a­tor builds a foun­da­tion for their ex­pan­sion into the US mar­ket. Un­like other Is­raeli ac­cel­er­a­tors, JVA ap­proaches this goal of scal­ing their star­tups’ US op­er­a­tions dili­gently and holis­ti­cally.

The JVA team has cho­sen to run the pro­gram in San Fran­cisco be­cause it’s the best place for Is­raeli star­tups to fully and grad­u­ally in­te­grate into a younger startup ecosys­tem (un­like the Val­ley’s more es­tab­lished tech ecosys­tem) with­out be­ing over­whelmed and dis­cour­aged.

For a startup to be­come ma­ture and suc­cess­ful, get­ting fund­ing and build­ing a prod­uct is not enough.

It should achieve clar­ity as to how to achieve its goals in a very ag­gres­sive and rapidly chang­ing en­vi­ron­ment.

From JVA part­ners’ ex­pe­ri­ence, many Is­raeli star­tups eas­ily get dis­cour­aged when they see they are not warmly wel­comed by the US tech es­tab­lish­ment. Many tal­ented Is­raeli star­tups think that they can­not achieve suc­cess very fast, and de­cide to move back to Is­rael where a friendly and fa­mil­iar en­vi­ron­ment gives them the feel­ing that they will be more suc­cess­ful with their prod­uct.

Our team at JVA is ready to help these star­tups build their con­fi­dence, en­durance, and flex­i­bil­ity in or­der to with­stand such ob­sta­cles, which will be in­evitable on their path to suc­cess.

JVA’s man­ag­ing di­rec­tors have worked for over seven years with Is­raeli com­pa­nies prior to launch­ing the ac­cel­er­a­tor pro­gram. With dual US/Is­raeli cit­i­zen­ship, Jenny Belot­serkovsky and Michal Tavrovsky know how to in­te­grate Is­raeli com­pa­nies into Amer­ica’s tech ecosys­tem.

JVA’s men­tor net­work, which con­sists of top Sil­i­con Val­ley spe­cial­ists and in­vestors, is ready to help them swim in the murky wa­ters of en­trepreneur­ship.

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