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Mariah Carey introduces her new line of Premier Dead Sea mineral products at the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv yesterday, flanked by Premier CEO Shahar Yuval (right) and vice CEO Eli Ben-Harush.

Touting her new beauty line in Israel, singer Mariah Carey said she can’t get enough of the country.

“We can call [my relationsh­ip with Israel] a love affair,” she said at a press conference Monday at the Royal Beach Hotel in Tel Aviv promoting her new line of Dead Sea mineral products, Mariah Carey for Premier. “I’m just so happy to be back in the Holy Land. It’s beautiful here.”

Premier has been researchin­g the wellness benefits of Dead Sea minerals for 25 years, and touts its ability to improve customers’ skin.

Carey has visited Israel several times in recent years, and is a big fan of the country and its people.

“In a past trip to Israel, Carey dined with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. When questioned about this decision, Carey brushed it off. “What, I can’t eat now?” she asked jokingly.

Carey chooses to abstain from involving herself in the political controvers­ies of the region, and dismisses the widespread criticism of Israeli products.

“I don’t think it’s my place to act like a political figure,” she said, drawing applause. “We love everybody.”

“I really mean it…,” continued Carey, who has ignored the negative publicity that has stemmed from her connection to the state of Israel. “I don’t care what people say about political things that don’t pertain to my life.”

Loving everyone is important to Carey, who repeated this mantra several times throughout the event. “We’ll burn hatred,” she declared.

The musical artist spoke highly of the Premier brand, reflecting on the holistic benefits of her product line, such as protecting skin from sun damage. She called the ingredient­s “very impressive and very important… there’s actually minerals from the Dead Sea.”

Proper skincare is vital to Carey’s daily routine, and she stresses its importance.

“I really like that [the Premier line is] really clean,” said Carey. “[There’s no] use of harsh chemicals.”

She added that “the benefits are endless,” which is why she chose to represent the Premier line above all others.

The Dead Sea itself is a special place to Carey. She said she is looking forward to visiting for the first time this week with her six-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. “[There’s] so many things I can’t wait to do [in Israel],” she said.

As for her personal career, Carey revealed that she is furthering her music.

“I’ve just gotten back into the studio and I’m working on some new material… songwritin­g is where I’m at my happiest.”

She also said that she is working on some other endeavors, including an animated project. However, she said she will not be joining the cast of the revived American Idol.

But for now, Carey said she is content with exploring Israel and promoting her new line of skincare products, all while enjoying the Holy Land.

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