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Every picture tells a story


The photo accompanyi­ng Oded Eran’s “The recognitio­n of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel” (Comment & Features, December 17) shows hundreds of Muslims praying on the Temple Mount – facing Mecca. Jews, of course, pray facing the Temple Mount.

Every picture tells a story. CYRIL GLASMAN Haifa

Oded Eran talks about US President Donald Trump’s bold reality check, finally saying the truth that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital. But the picture you chose to accompany the piece is very interestin­g.

The caption says: “Muslims pray next to al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem.” The picture literally takes up half a page and shows Muslims praying toward Mecca, with their rears toward the Dome of the Rock – which they claim is very holy to Muslims.

I would expect holiness to be treated with more respect. Or maybe it is not really holy!


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