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Children and medical stress


“Surgery on children may cause chronic trauma” (Website, December 14) concludes with the “need for a future screening tool to identify children at high risk of developing a medical-stress syndrome.”

I think this is extremely short-sighted. Although I have no psychologi­cal training aside from what I learned in preparatio­n for teaching, it seems far more sensible to ensure that all children receive informatio­n from the doctor or nurse about what to expect during surgery or other procedures, and why these treatments are needed.

Perhaps younger children could receive a toy stethoscop­e and stuffed animal “suffering” from the same condition they do so they can take care of the stuffed animal. Surely, social workers and child psychologi­sts can provide a variety of techniques for different age groups to not only prevent stress, but also ensure a more comfortabl­e experience for all our precious children. RIVKA ZAHAVY Jerusalem

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