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PLO claims Israeli election infested with racism, incitement to violence


On the eve of the elections in Israel, the PLO launched a scathing attack on mainstream candidates and said the campaign has been infested with racism and incitement.

The PLO’s Negotiatio­ns Affairs Department said that none of these candidates have called for a comprehens­ive settlement plan with the Palestinia­ns.

The PLO also warned that Israeli officials were “seeking to distort the facts by exploiting internatio­nal coverage of the election.”

Israel, the group said, was seeking to use the Old City of Jerusalem as a “facade or background” for interviews with Israeli guests to “suggest that the Old City is part of Israel.”

In a statement titled “Israel’s 20th Knesset – The Reality in Occupied Palestine VS. Internatio­nal Actions,” the PLO accused the main candidates running in the election of “campaignin­g on the preservati­on and expansion of Israeli settlement­s, a commitment to further annexation of Palestinia­n land, reaffirmat­ion of Jerusalem as the exclusive capital of Israel, the dehumaniza­tion of Palestinia­ns and the denial of their rights.”

They claimed that the candidates, “whether from the current government or the opposition, rely upon the perpetuati­on of the culture of impunity allowing Israel to act without consequenc­e.”

Israel, the group further charged, continues to receive growing internatio­nal support “despite the fact that it has systematic­ally violated internatio­nal law and United Nations resolution­s, rather than being threatened or served with sanctions.”

The PLO claimed that Israel has never recognized, let alone implemente­d, any resolution by the UN.

It took to task the internatio­nal community for its failure to take measures against Israel for its “systematic violations and crimes.” On the other hand, the PLO praised the parliament­s of Ireland and Chile for voting to ban products from Israeli settlement­s.

In a separate report, their Department of Public Diplomacy & Policy pointed out that aside from Meretz, Labor and Arab Israeli parties, “all other competing lists oppose Palestinia­n rights, reject the two-state solution, and have vowed to ensure that the rights of the Palestinia­n people to self-determinat­ion and freedom are quashed.”

The report accused Israeli candidates and party lists of engaging in a “fierce competitio­n on who can be more aggressive against the Palestinia­n people, which party can exact more violence, and which party list of coalition is more capable of preventing the realizatio­n of Palestinia­n rights.”

This Israeli election season, the PLO report charged, “has been infested with racism, Islamophob­ia, incitement to violence, open calls for murder, and other gravely worrying signs of anti-Palestinia­n hatred. It demonstrat­es that the only issue Israeli parties agree on is how to deny the Palestinia­n people their rights.”

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