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IfNotNow interrupts Trump speech, denounce ‘occupation’


Ten members of the hard-left IfNotNow organizati­on interrupte­d US President Donald Trump’s speech at a Republican Jewish Coalition (RJC) event in Las Vegas on Saturday, chanting slogans against Israel’s control of the West Bank and white supremacis­m as the president began his speech.

The small group chanted “Jews are here to say Occupation is a plague,” and “Jews are here to say white nationalis­m is a plague,” riffing off the upcoming Jewish holiday of Passover, which recalls the Biblical account of the ten plagues brought upon the ancient Egyptians as well as the Israelite exodus from Egypt.

One of the IfNotNow activists was wearing a T-shirt bearing a swastika crossed out and the word “Destroy” above it, evidently an implicit accusation against Trump and/or Israel of Nazism or fascism.

The activists’ chants soon drew boos and counter chants of “USA, USA.” They were swiftly escorted out by security officials.

The group issued a statement following the incident saying that RJC’s support for Trump and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu runs counter to “Jewish moral tradition” because of the two leaders’ “racist, violent agendas” which they said pose a threat to “people around the world” and the American Jewish community.

“We took action today two weeks before the Jewish holiday of Passover, when Jews are commanded to remember the bitterness of slavery and our own oppression,” the activists said.

“Trump is a modern-day Pharaoh, and IfNotNow calls on our community to reject the plagues of occupation and white nationalis­m.”

The activists accused Trump and the Republican Party of having “incited and emboldened racist and white nationalis­t violence in this country,” culminatin­g with the shooting at the Pittsburgh Tree of Life synagogue, which left 11 Jews dead.

IfNotNow describes itself as an anti-occupation organizati­on, but activists have refused to say whether or not they support the existence in any form of a Jewish state.

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