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Attackers target worshipers in Buenos Aires shul

Assailants threaten rabbi, congregant­s, leaving Palermo neighborho­od’s Mikdash Yosef Synagogue


Two assailants tried to physically attack worshipers leaving a synagogue in Argentina’s capital of Buenos Aires on Friday night, yelling antisemiti­c comments, and wounding the synagogue’s rabbi.

Rabbi Uriel Husni told The Jerusalem Post on Sunday that the attack was staged by a man and a woman against worshipers leaving the Mikdash Yosef Synagogue in the Palermo neighborho­od of the city, as people were leaving following the end of the Friday night service.

One of the assailants threatened worshipers with a glass bottle and also threw a rock that missed the people aimed at, said Husni.

Despite previous reports, that no one was injured.

One of the assailants was stopped by a security guard who sprayed him with pepper spray. The assailant was then arrested by the police.

Husni sustained an injury to his leg after he chased after one of the attackers, he said.

“I never thought that something like this could happen. I had terror. Together with security we were able to stop it,” Husni told the news website Vis a Vis, adding that the synagogue would now ask for police protection at its entrance. it was it appears

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