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Regarding “Regulators knew before crashes that Boeing 737 MAX had problems in certain conditions” (March 29), the crash of two Boeing 737 MAX aircraft has brought the safety of commercial passenger aircraft into public awareness. To satisfy the members of the flying public that passenger aircraft are safe, explanatio­ns must be provided for several points.

Aircraft software is now so complex that it has to have fault tolerance incorporat­ed. This allows the software system to continue acting, even when part of it fails. How can an aircraft with such software be regarded as safe?

The Federal Aviation Authority is the main body charged with certifying the air-worthiness of commercial aircraft. It is known that the FAA does not have qualified personnel to check the software of modern commercial aircraft and relies on the manufactur­ers for this check. How can such software be regarded as safe?

In the Ethiopian Airlines crash, discordant readings from two sensors were reported. Before installati­on in aircraft, sensors should be tested to destructio­n. A sensor replacemen­t program, based on this lifetime testing, should be mandatory.

When will these measures be implemente­d?


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