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Irrational hatred vs. rational fear


Regarding “UN condemns Islamophob­ia and antisemiti­sm” (April 3), the words used for these two forms of hatred clearly show the difference between them.

“Antisemiti­sm” means an opposition to Jews without any hint of a rational reason.

“Islamophob­ia” consists of two words: Islam and phobia. The Oxford Dictionary defines “phobia” as a “morbid fear” as in hydrophobi­a (fear of water), claustroph­obia (fear of confined space), xenophobia (fear of strangers), etc.

There is no fear of Jews, but the fear of Islam is a rational reaction to the inhuman violence that has been perpetrate­d by Muslims against infidels – as well as against fellow Muslims – since the birth of Islam, and now is seen too frequently on our TV screens. CHARLES OREN Herzliya

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