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Iranian official admits Israel swiped archive


An adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said Israel stole the country’s nuclear archive, in what appears to be the first public admission of the 2018 Mossad operation by an Iranian official.

Mohsen Rezaei, secretary of the Expediency Discernmen­t Council that reports directly to Khamenei, told Iran’s Mehr News on Wednesday that the country needs a major revamp of its security.

“The country has been widely exposed to security violations, and the example is that in less than a year, three security incidents have occurred: two explosions and one assassinat­ion,” said Rezaei.

The two explosions took place at the Natanz nuclear site, first in July, taking out about three-fourths of the above-ground centrifuge assembly facility, and then on

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