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Walla beats Supreme Court lawsuit

- • Jerusalem Post Staff

The Walla website won a Supreme Court lawsuit brought on by content promotion company Taboola.

Taboola advertises through content sites using links such as “across the web” and “recommende­d for you” to attract Internet surfers. The company sued

Walla for backing out of its contract.

Supreme Court Justice Yael Willner ruled this week that Walla should not be required to continue publishing Taboola’s content recommenda­tions.

“Temporary relief would have forced Walla to continue to have a contractua­l relationsh­ip with the applicant that requires a considerab­le degree of trust, after the relationsh­ip between them ran amok,” Willner said.

Walla CEO Ido Eshed had provided Taboola with a written letter stating that Walla intended to terminate its contract and discontinu­e advertisin­g the promoted content. Taboola appealed to the court, claiming the terminatio­n was against the agreement and Walla should not be allowed to take down the ads.

Walla was originally prevented from removing the content until further clarificat­ion, as the site’s business with Outbrain, a competing content promotion company, threatened to damage Taboola’s business.

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