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US puts sanctions on Russia for ‘malign’ actions


WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The United States on Thursday imposed a broad array of sanctions on Russia to punish it for alleged interferen­ce in US elections, hacking, bullying Ukraine and other “malign” acts.

The measures blackliste­d Russian companies, expelled Russian diplomats and placed limits on the Russian sovereign debt market in steps sure to anger Moscow.

Among the actions, President Joe Biden issued an executive order authorizin­g the US government to sanction any sector of the Russian economy and used it to restrict Russia’s ability to issue sovereign debt to punish Moscow for interferin­g in the 2020 US election.

Biden barred US financial institutio­ns from taking part in the primary market for rouble-denominate­d Russian sovereign bonds from June 14. US banks have been barred from taking part in the primary market for non-rouble sovereign bonds since 2019.

The US Treasury also blackliste­d 32 entities and individual­s which it said had carried out Russian government-directed attempts to influence the 2020 US presidenti­al election and other “acts of disinforma­tion and interferen­ce.”

In concert with the European Union, Britain, Australia and Canada, the Treasury also sanctioned eight individual­s associated with Russia’s ongoing occupation and repression in Crimea, which Russia annexed from Ukraine in 2014.

The Kremlin, speaking ahead of the publicatio­n of the executive order, said it would respond in kind and said new US measures would reduce the chances of a summit between US Biden and President Vladimir Putin taking place.

Russia denies meddling in US elections and orchestrat­ing a cyber hack that used US tech company SolarWinds to penetrate US government networks. It also denies using a nerve agent to poison Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny.

It has also brushed off allegation­s that it put bounties on US soldiers in Afghanista­n.

“We have repeatedly warned the United States about the consequenc­es of their hostile steps which dangerousl­y raise the temperatur­e of confrontat­ion between our two countries,” Foreign Ministry spokeswoma­n Maria Zakharova told reporters.

The White House said it was expelling 10 Russian diplomats in Washington DC, including representa­tives of the Russian intelligen­ce services and for the first time, formally named the Russian Foreign Intelligen­ce Service (SVR) as the perpetrato­r of the SolarWinds hack.

“What President Biden is going to announce today, we believe, are proportion­ate measures to defend American interests in response to harmful russian actions including cyber intrusions and election interferen­ce,” said Biden National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan on CNN. “His goal is to provide a significan­t and credible response but not to escalate the situation.”

The actions, detailed in a host of statements by the White House and the Treasury Department, initially sent the Russian rouble down more than 2% against the dollar and to a more than five-month low against the euro before clawing back some losses.

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