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Knesset kerfuffle


I was appalled and dismayed to view the immature behavior of so many in the Knesset as Prime Minister Naftali Bennett was being installed on Sunday. The booing, nasty comments, insults, catcalls and general boorish behavior made me wonder how many of these people are parents setting terrible examples for their own children and young people in general.

There must be a way to disagree in a more agreeable way! DOROTHY FRIEDMAN


As an American olah, I admit that I have had difficulty at times fathoming the workings of the Israeli political system. But never have I felt more alienated than I did while trying to watch the swearing in of the new government on TV.

Instead of the peaceful transition of ministries, there was an exhibition of schoolyard screaming and yelling, necessitat­ing the removal of several ministers from the Knesset chamber.

Nor could these be passed off as the “crazies.” I recognized people yelling at the top of their lungs, who would never raise their voices in their own homes. There was not even a semblance of putting the national interest ahead of parochial party.

I shudder to think what the rest of the world will make of this spectacle; certainly we don’t have to worry about being given bad press coverage – we have done it to ourselves. MARION REISS

Beit Shemesh

Mazal tov to the new government!

It was dishearten­ing, bordering on disgusting, to read article after article parading the disrespect and flawed characters of almost half the lawmakers in the Knesset. The behavior during Prime Minister Naftali Bennett’s maiden address was, as David Brinn wrote, “a national embarrassm­ent” (“Shameful display,” June 14).

Outgoing prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, arguably one of the finest leaders of this wonderful country, couldn’t bring himself in his speech to acknowledg­e the new prime minister in any positive way. No “mazal tov” from him to Bennett, but rather “threats” to take down the nascent government. From walkouts to ousters by Knesset security, the new opposition showed its colors.

But the one article that had no business at all being in the paper and on the front page, was the one that said, “The Jerusalem Post reached out to someone who has been there before: former prime minister .... Ehud Olmert.” As a convicted corrupt politician whose raison d’etre has long been Netanyahu bashing, he is certainly not in any position to grace us with his recommenda­tions.

Please get Olmert off the Post pages and start giving the new government more positive feedback. They and the country need it.



I rarely read Ehud Olmert’s weekly screeds against former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu – I’m not looking to aggravate myself over breakfast – but I read your article about his take on the new government (“Olmert: New PM’s job is to bring calm,” June 14) twice to make sure I wasn’t hallucinat­ing. But no, I got it right: not once in your article did you mention Olmert’s criminal past, his conviction for bribery, his years behind bars.

This from a newspaper that seemingly has been hounding Netanyahu for years over investigat­ions, allegation­s and an indictment for a crime made up just for him.



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